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Karl, you are my hero. I love your house and you're not so bad yourself!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Karl's Mid Century Minneapolis Retreat
8/8/08 05:04 AM

You NEVER see an open screen in Florida. In fact, our screens don't even have an open feature. Something about encephalitis and west nile virus being mosquito-borne...technicality in my opinion.

Apartment Therapy New York | Window Screens: Open or Closed? Boston
8/7/08 07:10 AM

Domino was jizzing over this queen about a year ago

Perfectly put from one queen about another! Love AT Commenters. I just love you all!

Apartment Therapy New York | Designer Michael Bargo Furnishes His First Apartment The New York Times 7.31.08
8/1/08 05:35 AM

That table is my new best friend :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Conceptual Furniture DesignsBoston
8/1/08 05:24 AM

Every morning before I put on my clothes, I stand naked at the ironing board hoping my roomate doesn't wake up and bust me. It's my daily excitement and this iron would make it 10x more exciting.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Rowenta DZ9080 Advancer Iron
8/1/08 05:19 AM

These things are quite a joke down here in the south. They are readily available at roadside stands and country fairs. Wouldn't be caught dead with one in my house.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Transforming Apple Trivet and Basket
5/5/08 11:00 AM

Tampa Bay! We are centrally located in the sunshine state. Please :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Next AT City Site?
4/1/08 09:46 AM