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I was nervous about permanently applying wallpaper in our studio because I often change my mind and didn't want to be committed. So instead of gluing it down, I stapled the wallpaper to the wall. The problem is that unless you put the tacks/staples close together (like the nailhead trim wendi_c suggested) you end up with sagging paper in some spots. I eventually took it down and glued it instead. The downside of using nailhead trim is that when you move, you're left with TONS of holes in the wall. I've had to repair walls like this before when we decided to do a full record wall in one of our apartments. It's NOT fun!

I would recommend mounting the wallpaper on wood like others have suggested. You could trim it out to look like an architectural feature or make it wall-to-wall. As renters-by-choice, we've encountered the wallpaper debate before several times. While we only move into apartments where the landlord agrees to let us paint and hang things (I can't do white walls) I myself think wallpaper is a huge commitment and wouldn't even bother asking to hang it in an apartment. Once the perfect vintage wallpaper is chosen, we'll be hanging wallpaper above our bed as well. We'll mount it to the wood first and then hang the wood on the wall. It only takes 4 screws/nails in the wall. We often use wood to make our own art and accents because it's cheap, easy, and can be taken to the next apartment when you're ready to move. You could also use hardboard (like the kind you see on the back of bookcases). It's even cheaper than wood and is super thin and lightweight.

Good luck!

How Can I Hang Regular Wallpaper in a Temporary Way? Good Questions
10/19/12 11:26 AM

Man, so many jar haters! We made the smore's in a jar a couple months ago and they were PERFECT!! If you're worried about portion control, you can use smaller jars. They're very rich so I didn't finish all of mine...I just put the lid back on. Easy peasy!

Though they're in glass jars, they're definitely easier to transport than a cake carrier. Cake carries have to be kept upright or else you'll ruin the cake if someone bumps you on the train or it slides around in the car. With the jars, you can throw them in a bag (they're not that heavy if you're making less than a dozen pints or 24 smaller.) and they can turn any which way and it won't matter. Perfect! We actually made a smores cake yesterday for my husband's work and he had the hardest time trying to keep it from getting ruined on the commute this morning. Not good!

Oh, and as for having to dig through layers, you can again use the smaller jars or use sundae/iced tea spoons like we did. They're long enough that you can dig through the marshmallows with no problem!

As A2Z said, they're great for picnics and parties, plus they're reusable!

Can't wait to make them again :)

5 Reasons Why Desserts in Jars Are the Schizzle-Dizzle
6/14/11 12:21 PM

wouldn't really call it mid century but still very cute! would love to see more pics...

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Minnie MidCentury's Skylight Studio Tiny Division #24
4/9/09 09:28 PM

I don't think you could be more's a great idea but the way they have it displayed turns me off from the product. Lady J had it looks like it belongs in a dorm.

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6/3/08 06:14 AM

I love the chairs. I actually like your idea for doing the legs and back in a different color, though if you do this, you'll probably want to redo your table as well. Perhaps the table could be the same color as the would be a nice contrast. If you go this route, you could pick a solid fabric so you don't end up with too much going on.

I also like farmhousemoderne's idea about changing the table legs for something more modern that would reflect the danish styling of the chairs.

Here are some links to pics of my own dining set. Like you, I bought it on craigslist and spruced it up. I've changed the table (again!) since then.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How can I Spruce up this Table & Chairs?
4/1/08 10:20 AM

I myself love many designs from the 70's and have added a few of the 70's influences into my own living room.

However...I'm not a fan of THIS room. The colors, the animal head on the left wall, the dining set, the couch...most everything needs to go. My least favorite thing (besides the color of the couch) is the rug...DEFINITELY needs to go!

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4/1/08 10:08 AM


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4/1/08 09:59 AM

Very clever! I should have played a prank like that on my readers! I have to tell you, my face lit up when I saw that chair!

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4/1/08 09:37 AM