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Wow!! Love to win this!

Win a Le Creuset 6-Piece Cast Iron Set in Flame Holiday Giveaway for The Kitchn
12/19/13 07:35 PM

A bit late in participating in the forum. Since we are planning to move in a few months, my list is mainly about purging. Just gave away a big Ikea bag full of stuff to goodwill so nothing in my outbox right now.
I love flowers but feel guilty of spending over them. Definitely going to get them tomorrow. We already use green cleaners. Looking forward to the great feeling after the cleaning is done.
I usually don' t participate in the forum discussions, but realize that it is a great way to connect and stick to the commitment. Thanks a lot for the inspiration everyone :)

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/4/13 05:50 PM

I make it with tomatoes, onions, salt & pepper & lemon juice. My 5 yr old loves guac with chopped strawberries. Should try it with mangoes.

How to Make Better Guacamole: Tips from Two Food Writers
5/8/12 04:57 PM


Naomi Stein of Design Manifest has it on her apartment. Gorgeous!

Who is the Maker of this Wallpaper? Good Questions
5/7/12 10:58 PM

What joonbnug says should work. The steel plates are available in Home Depot & Lowes.

Is This Chair Fixable?
Good Questions

3/2/12 09:10 AM

My daughter's table has such legs that screws over a steel plate attached to the table. But, my problem is the screw attached to the leg is loose, so it makes the table wobble. I have tried different wood glues to fix it (but not gorilla glue). Any suggestions? Will gorilla glue help bond the metal to the wood?

Is This Chair Fixable?
Good Questions

3/2/12 09:08 AM

OMG ! Brilliant!

An Upcycled Plastic Bottle Charging Station
Make It and Love It

2/22/12 12:14 PM

Great Idea! You can also use a plant stand with casters as the base.

Cheap & Chic: How To Make a French-Vintage-Inspired Wire Hamper
2/17/12 10:42 AM

When I grew up (in India), it was steel all the way. From lunch boxes, tiffin carriers, storage containers, tumblers, plates, cookware, you name it. Part of it was because of the longevity of the product. Plastic was frowned upon. Now, things have changed. It's plastic everywhere for everything!
I love glass for all the pros mentioned. I wish we get steel lids for glass containers.

Plastic-Free Containers: Steel vs. Glass
2/2/12 06:50 PM

We had a bad experience the year we landed in this country. We were getting into our car in a fedex parking lot, when a guy in a good looking van asked us if we want a music system. We din't want one but hesitated. He told us he had ordered a good music system online & by mistake they had delivered 2. He wanted to make money by selling the second one fast. He had 2 systems in the back of the van, nicely boxed/packaged with good pictures, details, MSRP saying $1500. The name of the system was "Matrix". He said he wanted $300 cash. We had never heard about the brand. But we went to the nearby ATM, got cash & paid him - fooled by the packaging. As, we handed over the money, we felt a sense of unease. We quickly noted down his license plate number when the fellow made a quick exit.
When we reached home & opened the box and set it up, it was a very cheap set. We felt like the biggest fools. Checking the internet took us to a fake one page website with no contact details. We had the license number of his van but were not sure if we can report it. We didn't want to get into any hassles as we were new to the country.
We tried selling it in craigslist but there were no takers. We ended up donating it. Most unpleasant experience ever.
From then on, we never do any buying from any individual. We are also skeptical of selling anything in craigslist. What if the person who comes to buy wants to know what is in the house & who lives in it ? Anything that we don't need is donated to goodwill.

Get Smart: How To Avoid the Top 3 Online Shopping Scams
2/2/12 06:03 PM

The next place I rent should definitely have,

1. At least a small window in the kitchen and in the bathroom for natural light.
2. Lots of direct sunlight.
3. 2 full bathrooms
4. Windows and doors that are not drafty.

It would be nice to have
1. Updated kitchen with good counter space and storage
2. Wood floors
3. Parking garage

What's on Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/25/12 10:10 PM

Interesting space! Would love to see how she stores her professional gear. I am looking for a safe and neat option to store the growing collection at home.

Kristy's Lovely Bedroom + Workspace
Tech Tour

1/23/12 10:25 PM

I agree with PAINOH83. It is hard to find simple lego blocks that can be used to build anything you imagine. My daughter loves legos. But I couldn't find anything that is not a 'set' to build one thing in particular.

LEGO Friends: Yay or Nay?
1/11/12 12:18 PM

I am a big fan of AT. It is the first thing I see everyday even before I check my facebook. I constantly check for new posts throughout the day. I agree that every blog needs a revamp after sometime. But, this change makes it more difficult to navigate. I echo many others here. The main page should have everything & those who want to filter the specifics can use the tabs. Lots of overlap. Older posts appearing on top of newer ones ! Completely unacceptable ! Hope this is only a minor tech hitch.

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/9/12 09:34 PM