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Does anyone know the designer/retailer for the couch in #2?

Do It Yourself Projects for All Around the House
11/19/11 07:57 AM

I'm another vote for:

1 - Save the money and do it right when/as you can afford it. You'll be so much happier with it in the long run.

2 - Seriously consider open shelving instead of cabinets. It offers a lot of space, flexibility, and it can be a lot cheaper.

3 - Live with it as is for at least a couple of months before you do anything. The kitchen is such an active work zone, and you don't even know yet what you really like/dislike about the space yet.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Can This Kitchen Be Renovated on a Budget of $2800?
5/15/09 02:36 PM

The hanging shelves are definitely from The Container Store:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Mission Accomplished: The Closet Library
5/30/08 05:26 AM