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I have been in this situation often!
My go-to meal comes from Trader Joe's: TJ's Indian Fare - pouches of delicious indian food in various flavors. My favorite is the Jaipur Vegetables. Couple this with TJ's pre-cooked brown rice pouches and you've got a meal. Neither product requires refrigeration, just a microwave.

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4/11/13 11:20 AM

With as much use as my French press gets making coffee alone, I'm OK with it being a single use tool. I would never use it to 'infuse oils' for fear of tainting my precious morning cup!

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2/11/13 11:06 AM

Beautiful pans make me imagine the beautiful meals I could create with them.
So lovely!

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12/5/12 12:42 PM

Try Dirk's Fish Shop on Clybourn - dirksfish.com
I've bought whole octopi from them. If they don't have it, I bet they'd know where to find it.

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12/21/11 05:03 PM

Here are some healthier make-ahead weekday breakfasts: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/recipe-roundup/10-makeahead-breakfasts-to-start-your-day-off-right-recipe-roundup-155762

I'm a big fan of the steel cut oatmeal in mason jars.

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12/19/11 12:55 PM

That's a great house tour!
I usually hate checkerboard floors, but the pink hue you've got going in the kitchen really makes it homey.
The carousel mirror in the living room is my favorite bit.

Jamison, Alec & Zion's "Elegant Circus" Home
House Tour

12/3/11 12:28 PM