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Maybe some of you great IKEA fans need to check out the info available on line about the despicable working conditions at IKEA;s American plant in Danville VA. The stuff is so cheap because they are exploiting their workers, including hiring union-busting lawyers when the workers tried to unionize (though ironically the workers in Sweden are almost all unionized) No wonder this country is going down the tubes. Is your "affordable" furniture really worth treating American workers like this??? Seriously??? Not to mention the questionable Nazi association of the founder of the company, and the reported use of prison labor ion parts of Eastern Europe/parts of Russia.

Find the Furniture: The IKEA Bekvam Stool
6/28/13 08:20 AM

Really didn't care for the color combos the first time through, and retook the quiz, changing a few answers the second time through, making sure the answers were still accurate. Still didn't care for the colors. Guess I'll stick with picking colors at the paint store--it's always worked before!

My Life, My Colors Quiz
Discover New Colors For Your Rooms

2/21/12 06:31 PM

Winning this would be the kick-start I have been looking for to start composting for my garden!!
Fingers crossed!

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Holiday Giveaway 2011

11/30/11 08:08 PM