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My daughter just got a sewing machine for her 4th birthday last week. She wanted one so I bought her the Singer Zig Zag machine from JoAnne's Fabrics for $30. It has a cover over the needle so her fingers wont get caught but just fyi, every time the needle needs to be threaded you have to unscrew it with a screw driver to open the safety case.

Along with the sewing machine, I made her a little kit to go along with it. I had a bunch of fabric samples from when I use to own my own kids clothing line so I put all of those in. At the store they had little kits on "how to sew a button", "how to sew a hem", "how to measure" for $1 each so I added those three in as well. She's had a blast with the machine but mostly with measuring, cutting fabrics and pining them. I agree with Puella, they get it about the pins. I sew a good amount, not daily but mostly around the holidays and other projects we do and she has taken an interest in sewing which warms my heart. A few things I missed: small fabric scissors, an actual sewing box for her to put her stuff into, her own pin cushion and a little case for buttons etc. The biggest hit were the dozens of fabric squares in all different kinds of fabrics, colors and prints. Good luck. it's been a great gift for my daughter I'm sure it will be for yours as well!

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