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Hello all,

I realize that my house tour is unconventional, so I certainly respect your opinions. I was hoping to do something a bit different. The details were what I came away with – they are the beauty and grace of Dee’s style. The close-ups are the only way to show her love of textures, colors, and patterns. They are, in my opinion, very intimate.

Have a nice weekend,


Apartment Therapy New York | Boston House Tour: Dee's First Apartment - A Study in Details
4/11/08 01:18 PM

Thanks for the lively discussion.

Siobhan, I love Greenward, too. In fact, I bought a beautifully designed, stainless steel kitchen compost there a few months ago. I will certainly check out Magpie.

jhy720, a couple of weeks ago, Abodeon had a fabulous set of 6 espresso cups and saucers, each one in a deep 70ies color - green, orange, yellow, red, etc. Of course, they were gone when I went back for the post. During my last visit, I got a kick out of their collection of vintage staplers.


Apartment Therapy New York | AT Boston: Abodeon - Wonderful Eclectic in Porter Square
3/31/08 03:12 PM