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can you build/buy a loft bed for you all, and then create a sleeping nook for him below you? (or vice versa I suppose)

Ideas for 2-Year-Old's Separate Sleep Area in Our Small Bedroom? Good Questions
3/10/14 10:20 AM

can you move the couch to the wall opposite the TV wall? that way you can actually look out the windows and warm them up with some floor length curtains. Get a cozy armchair instead of the wicker love seat, or do away with the additional seating and instead get some storage cubes/poufs/big floor pillows to push around when you need the extra seating. Definitely come up with a different choice for the little table. If you can move the couch close enough to the kitchen, you might even be able to sneak it into the space between the couch and window - you can still get all of the natural light from the window but "hide" the kiddo stuff on that side of the couch and give that TV wall some breathing room.

Furniture & Decor Ideas for My Living Room? Good Questions
1/23/14 09:30 AM

AT - when do we get the next installment in this series? Dan's is the first renovation diary that I've read religiously, and I am eager to see how it progresses!

Renovation Diary: Dan's Kitchen
1/16/14 07:59 AM

10 out of 10! My friend and I took an afternoon off to wander the showrooms after the new catalogue came out. love it!

Take the Quiz: Spot the IKEA!
10/9/13 01:23 PM

I second the wall of curtains suggestion with blinds on the window (the bamboo is a great option to keep here so you can filter light in when the curtains are open). It's a great way to break up the rental white walls, provide you with privacy, and make the bedroom cozier. And yes, make them ceiling to floor!

Privacy for Ground Floor Windows? Good Questions
7/10/13 08:03 AM