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It's on there, just a bit buried,

Click Products > 2008 Catalog > Cucina > LaTina > Scroll about 5 rows down, and there it is, they have the Red one featured on the page.

Hope that helps!

I love the jars though, great colors

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guzzini Coffee Jars
10/27/08 06:43 AM

I'm all for borrowing, as nice as it is to 'upgrade' or run out to buy something new, I've really attempted to re-use or borrow more lately. On the topic of grills, I actually just acquired my neighbors old gas grill, spent a few dollars (under $20) on new parts and refurbished it. It doesn't look like the Cadillac of grills, but it works just fine.

On the lawnmower front, it's the same, a few us actually just share the duties of cutting grass down the block and rotating who pays for the gas, etc.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | AT On... Upgrading to Borrowing
7/8/08 11:33 AM

If I only had the ceilings tall enough, to imagine all of my books in one place again. What a stunning execution though.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: Paris Close-Up - The Library Loft
4/24/08 12:13 PM

It's not my own style, but I do appreciate the attention to detail, and thought to carry the look into the bathroom, with your pulled curtains mirroring a windowed look. Although I like the choices of elements used, I'm still uncertain whether or not they all quite flow evenly together. The mixture of texture, color, fabric and variety of wood is nice, perhaps just something about the space or photographs are throwing me. I'd still give it a 'cool' though.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #25: Greg's Tiny French Chateau
4/23/08 11:17 AM

Wow! What an awesome place, love the bed and the floor rug. It looks like a big bed, but it doesn't over power the space and fits so snug against that wall, the color choices and combinations are fantastic. What a great use of texture and pattern too!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #11 - Lisette's Pied a Terre
4/15/08 11:24 AM

Previously in my smaller apartment I tucked it behind my headboard in the bedroom. It jutted out a bit, but there was just enough space to bring it in and out on a daily basis. Besides the handlebars sticking out, it worked out great. The Cycloc looks great though, going to have invest in one of thsoe.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Where Do You Store Your Bike?
4/2/08 08:09 AM

I just went through the same dilemma a few weeks ago, finally breaking down to buy a 'good' vacuum cleaner. I have a few medium-high pile carpets that let out a good bit of fibers/etc and also a dog that likes to contribute the occasional fur. After doing some extensive searching and testing, I took the plunge and invested in the Miele Callisto Canister, it's got the HEPA filter on board, and also carries a hefty warranty, with free servicing yearly for 15 years. It's a tad on the pricey side, but after about a month of use I've noticed a huge improvement in my apartment. Another bonus is it's nice and quiet so it doesn't disturb the neighbors nor frighten the dog as much. Good luck in your search.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Vacuum Recommendations?
3/31/08 05:13 AM