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Teeny, tiny apt, zero closet space........everyone in NYC knows the drill:) I would love to meet the clutter cowgirl!!! (cute name)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: 3 Hrs of Organizing with The Clutter Cowgirl#comments
3/27/08 09:16 AM

I went on the bedbugger registry and two apartments on my block have bedbugs!!!! I don't have laundry in my building and have been going to a laundromat on my street. Should I start taking my clothes elsewhere if they could be transmitted through laundry or is that too alarmist?

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #2
6/15/07 07:08 AM

Love the colors! Where did you get that spotlight in the corner of the first pic? I've been trying to find something like that forever.

#29 - Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 08:35 AM