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Hahaha too much stuff. I liked that simple post. Mad respect for others opinions of course!!!
SNLY: The antlers are probably like a death in bed waiting to happen...not really but definitely a headache if they fell. They are pretty secure tho. Since they I bought then cheap up in Gunnison they were not yet mounted to anything. I didn't want to hassle with that so we just used L-shaped brackets. Luckily the antlers did already have a hole drilled in the middle of skull. :)

Light fixture I just put together from World Market's three-arm hard wire kit. I think it was about $25 and I used lamp shades I already had.

Thanks guys!!

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3/16/13 02:05 PM

Yeah I love the pictures...problem is after being in countless rentals over the last 11yrs...the walls are NEVER white. Never that clean, modern, beautiful white. Not here in TX at least. No...they are a nasty cream, beige, off white monstrosity!

Loving White Walls: Rooms with Colorful Furniture Renters Solutions
3/6/13 07:30 PM

I'm loooooving this nursery! Kudos. When did this crib bumper thing go into effect?? My twins are 5 and I have never heard of it....oops. :/ ??? Totally can see the reasons why tho but dang these people change "the rules" every few months it seems!!! I can't keep up!!

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3/6/13 09:15 AM

love love love this house!!! this is totally my kind of look...way to go!

i hope you haven't already answered this but where did you get those origami-looking owl figurines?? i adore those guys!

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9/29/12 06:51 PM

so incredibly no no. i would be scared this could negatively impact a child...especially the "rejection" theme

Keane Kids For Kids?
8/31/12 07:51 AM

@CHARLIE26 -- we've been renting for-EVER!! we are in a house now and have awesome landlords so it may be a bit easier for us now but we've always just hung everything normally and then when moving out spackle the holes in the wall and paint over them with maybe a sample size of that particular paint color. even now in our home i've moved pictures around and changed things up just in nine months and i continue to just spackle and paint.

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7/31/12 08:29 AM

i think it's awesome!
yes they would have been great restored but hey, she didn't want to do that on these pieces and i think that's just fine. her purchase. her decision. they look beautiful! and i bet her daughter is absolutely in love with them!!

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7/25/12 11:23 AM

I'm so in the twilight zone or something...

dude, just keep it design related

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5/13/12 05:22 PM

EVERY time I see the thumbnail of this on the site I see earth gross! i love carmelized onions though but this image is like ingrained in my brain....uugghh

Why Recipe Writers Lie About Caramelizing Onions Slate
5/5/12 09:50 AM

I love the fact that it adds great texture to an otherwise "cold" area of the house...and totally agree dining rooms aren't intended to be very cozy for the most part...but honestly I would totally do this and maybe just move the skeepskin when we're eating...or put on a chair that's not being used. who knows but I do like it for aesthetics when the table isn't being utilized! I'm a dork.

Sound Off: Faux Fur Throws on Dining Chairs?
4/29/12 09:30 AM

This office is ridiculously amazing...I might just move in and sleep under the pipe shelves :)

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4/25/12 10:35 AM

Thanks AT peeps:

LINNYBEE: it's actually a star garland thingy that I got at a fair trade store in Cali. I cut it up and hung it from the branches. Otherwise I'm not sure what I would hang from them??

I will update once we have our precious one...probably be awhile unfortunately! And knowing me, will be different!

Ali's Room in Waiting My Room
4/19/12 06:28 PM

thank you! :)

MAMACITAMAHNS - actually they are hanging from the ceiling...I just used illusion cord (it's invisible wire like string used in jewelry making) and then tied the cords up to white ceiling hooks! It was actually pretty easy! But instead of having like one point on the ceiling for the branches to hang from, I have about four spots so they are all individually hung to create a bigger look if that makes sense. :)

Ali's Room in Waiting My Room
4/18/12 09:08 PM