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I love the pattern, the tile design - it reminds me of Greece ! The blues, the design, I can see white-washed walls and smell the salt of the sea in the air !

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12/16/11 10:11 PM

Oh my, I LOVE the lines on the sleek piece of furniture ! I absolutely love it, am humbled by it !

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12/16/11 10:06 PM

I REALLY need this ! Being disabled, I lie down alot but I love to read. This would be perfect to direct the light on the pages, not filtered over my shoulder !

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12/16/11 09:55 PM

How could I possibly wake up in a BAD mood with these on my bed? I love these !

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12/6/11 02:24 PM

I have wanted another dog for awhile...this is perfect ! Now if it would just love me back !

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12/5/11 12:31 AM