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D Lawless is awesome too:

Where To Buy Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: 10 Sources for Knobs and Pulls
8/17/12 02:26 PM

sinnela - I just tried it with almond milk and it worked just fine! Probably not QUITE as foamy as regular milk...but I might just not have shaken it long enough (I got lazy). (:


How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!) | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/9/09 06:41 PM

Thanks, AT community, for all the efforts. (: Be it '40s or '70s, they're pretty snazzy chairs. The upholstery on them is actually in near-perfect condition, and, although it's hard to tell from the photo, it's actually quite pretty - beige with a raised green floral design. They look very Anthropologie-esque.

I may hit up Pam, as sally305 recommended, but I like amandaPlease's take on the chairs' potential history. Thanks SydneyBristow for clarifying what the back-style may be called. (:

You guys are quite knowledgeable.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Scalloped Back Garage Sale Chairs?
7/14/09 04:21 PM

Thanks, Fiatlex. I'll google it. (:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2009: Patrick's Extraordinary Nature Little Division #30
4/15/09 11:59 AM

Where did you purchase this rug - and...what did they (or would you) call this pattern? I LOVE it. I've actually been looking around for a rug with this pattern...smaller...and perhaps in orange or brown. Hrm. I'd love to know where you got it. What a cute place!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Cool 2009: Patrick's Extraordinary Nature Little Division #30
4/14/09 04:34 PM

I agree with nearly everyone here - don't paint the ceiling. However, I would almost definitely paint the trim white (in some form or fashion) - as it looks like the trim in the rest of the house is white. I also agree with the area rug idea...Something with warm colors - oranges, reds, browns...that could pull in the fireplace AND the ceiling would be fabulous. <---something like this...

or this:

would tie things together and give it a retro feel without being over the top.

p.s. - love the clock(?)/sculpture over the fireplace. It's great!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint? Los Angeles
1/20/09 02:32 PM

I am THRILLED that you've posted Not Neutral. They are the absolute best people in the world that I've ever bought anything from!

We registered with them for our wedding...for our dishes and a few other things. At some point, we recieved a package with a broken coaster (or a missing one, I can't remember). They gladly sent us the replacement and THEN SOME! They also sent us a wedding gift. A GIFT! I've NEVER EVER had such personal service - They made me feel so special. I'll DEFINITELY be doing business with them in the future. Such high quality goods sold by AMAZING people. That just can't be beat! (: Everyone should go there. I live in TX, so I've never gotten to check out their storefront, but I'm sure it's just great. (:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Pop Up Store: NotNeutral Los Angeles
11/11/08 11:47 AM

Thanks, Gregory, for posting my question!

squidlette and LoriSF...You guys have valid points...
The piece WILL face the toilet, but...I'm sure people can avert their eyes- and the steam doesn't bother me too much. Nothing a little windex can't fix. That shower only gets used about 2x a month anyway.

Daniel...I have a vintage piece I've wanted to use, but I've gotta find pretty particular dimensions - nothing deeper than 13 or so inches. Kinda tricky. That and...I've been waiting for a piece to come along for a year - I'm tired of waiting!

Thanks frenetic for posting the Target link. Still higher than I'd like, might just work.

Keep the suggestions coming though!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Bathroom Storage Recommendations?Los Angeles
11/4/08 12:00 PM

You should also check out the Quilt Store ( - It's up 'north', but they have a pretty great selection (despite their website's impression). They sell fat quarters/smaller sizes too - which is great for smaller projects.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Store: Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts Austin
10/30/08 09:56 AM

The Rian side table from Ikea would be a cheap alternative. It measures 1.75" too wide for your space, but if you nudged your sofa over a tad, it could work.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Narrow Side Table Works Here?Los Angeles
9/25/08 10:10 AM

We've got one of these bowls...we were afraid to follow others' suggestions of sticking things like tennis balls (they eat the fuzz) or Rocks (I've heard chipped tooth stories) in our Border Collie's normal we got this exact thing.

Our Border Collie eats slightly slower, although it doesn't slow him down to the pace I THINK he should eat at. It has helped some with gas though, as well as burping/choking. The bowl definitely helps, and I would definitely recommend it over DIY remedies. 15 bucks isn't too much to spend on your baby! (:

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Brake the Chow Hound
6/3/08 08:09 PM

These chairs are also super nice, and at $445 for two chairs, you can't really go wrong.

They are brown, but I think a neutral might work with some brick red (or orange) toss pillows strewn about the couch and the chairs. Mix and match the green with the orange...I think you've got a winner with that orange idea!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Color Chairs Should I Buy?
4/22/08 10:16 PM

I have a Bissell Lift Off Revolution Pet. If you don't have pets, It's not necessary, but Bissell is definitely a good line. My specific vacuum has a switch to turn the brush on or off, so you can choose whether it runs or not. could vacuum the rest of the house with the brush, and the rug without!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Vacuum Recommendations?
3/28/08 05:11 PM