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These carpets are made in Sweden of 100 % PVC which 50% contains post-consumer recycled plastic. This plastic is thousand times better and stronger then Olefin and much easier to clean.

They are meant for the high trafficed areas such as Kitchens, Mud rooms, Gyms, Pool Houses etc.....some people buy them for bed rooms because theire kids or themselves are allergic to many natural fibers......but want the color splash they give.
Also, the same plastic is used in the european furniture manufacturing process and is used worldwide in the automobile industry per manufacturer of these plastics.

Large Citys such as Stamford, CT have privatly owned plastic dropoff recycle centers which accept any plastics not meant for the recycle box ( 1 & 2 are the only plastcis meant for the box in CT). Do your research and see if a town / city near you has one of these centers. They do not charge for your plastic garbage because they recycle it to make fake wood products for patios etc and outdoor furniture with.

I know all these things because I recylcle anything I can and go to this center a few times a year.

My company also designs and imports plastic carpets just like PAPPELINA.

I hope I have answered some of your questions.

Apartment Therapy New York | Pappelina's Plastic Woven Rugs
3/28/08 02:29 PM