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We just installed honed marble on our new kitchen island and I think it's breathtaking. We went with honed because we love the look and because it won't etch easily. It's warm and soft and we're looking forward to it developing a patina over time. We also seal it every 3 months. We tested several pieces (sealed and unsealed) with tomato sauce, wine, lemon, etc before we purchased the counter so that we'd know what to expect. So far, no problems. It's been about 2 months. (I'll report back in 5 years.)

Would I Be Crazy to Choose Marble Countertops for My Kitchen? Marble Countertop Pros and Cons
6/11/13 08:13 PM

I think dulcibella is on the right track. Add contrast, play up the white. I'd go black and white, since your cabinets are white and look like they're in ok shape. Ignore the counter. Get a black island similar to the one in the photo and add two stools for the kiddies. Add some black and white checkered towels and maybe a couple of shelves on the far wall (black or white) to draw the eye, and call it a day. We're in the same boat; we want to punch up our current kitchen without spending a lot since we'll gut it in a few years. We cut out a wall, replaced upper cabinets with some shelves, painted and bought cute towels and rugs. The rest happens later.

Ways To Revamp Kitchen with Full Reno Coming in Two Years? Good Questions
7/18/12 04:12 PM

Paint color is probably one of the most important decisions I make when redoing a room. I just painted my LR, DR and kitchen the same color (all one long room). We researched a lot in magazines and on AT beforehand to determine a color palette, then wound up choosing BM Nimbus after painting several swatches on the walls. I like to paint a large swatch several feet high and in different areas when doing a large room to see how it looks in different light.

We probably spend more than $200 on sample cans of paint, but it was worth it, and I later gave the samples away on Craigslist.

How Do You Choose a Paint Color?
10/18/11 10:42 AM

I agree, it's serene, with good bones. Love those bedroom windows.

Ida's Uncompromisingly Personal Parisian Apartment
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9/23/11 03:01 PM

I lived for 11 years in a nearly 100 year old landmark building in the Chicago area. One evening I heard two residents discussing events that had happened over the years, including a rape, and a suicide on the third floor (which the residents cleaned up--it was before there were companies you could hire to do those things). It lead me to wonder about all the events, both tragic and joyous, that we didn't know about all of the residents who'd passed through. I thought it gave the building a soul.

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9/9/11 01:17 PM

i would call a slipcovered couch family friendly.

Carly's Happily Busy House in Alberta
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8/10/11 07:30 PM

Also, consider the finish you're going to use. Eggshell will look slightly different than flat, which will look different than gloss. The tiny samples only come in eggshell (at least with BM). I bought Nimbus in a sample and was amazed at how different it looked when we bought a quart later in flat. The eggshell looked green-gray, the flat had more violet.

Test Swatch Challenge: Help Me Choose a Paint Color
7/15/11 09:58 AM

if you really want to be sure, by a quart, paint a large swatch in each room, and live with it for a week or so. You're going to paint all the walls anyway. And I agree that putting your swatches next to yellow walls can throw all the gray colors off.

Test Swatch Challenge: Help Me Choose a Paint Color
7/15/11 09:55 AM

My husband and I combined households and downsized from a townhouse and a condo to one 1600 sq ft two bedroom place. Craigslist has become my best friend. The older I get, the less I want to own. I'm going for the minimalist look.

On Why My Large Space Makes Me Feel Lazy
4/28/11 10:12 AM

Can you tell me about the flooring? What type? Love it! Thanks.

Marlous & Pim's Sunny Dutch Home
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3/30/11 10:28 AM

Gray color in hallway and living room? BM Nimbus?

Danny & Jeff's Vintage Collections
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2/8/11 01:00 PM

Lot's of catty comments on this post. Makes me think twice about posting my own pics.

Lisa's Large-Scale Project
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2/2/11 11:51 AM

when I only have a short amount of time to clean, say 1 hour, I divide that hour into 15 minute increments and set the timer for 15 minutes per room. that motivates me to clean each space quickly and efficiently, and the job gets done without feeling overwhelming.

5 Ways To Clean A Little Deeper In Less Time
1/23/11 10:24 AM

maybe a big green fern or other plant could hang in that window.

Before & After: Guest Bathroom Gets a Budget Makeover
1/21/11 05:36 PM

use them as vases or votives

Displaying Heirloom Crystal in a Modern Home?
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12/15/10 02:20 PM

this all looks off balance to me. Furniture crowded into corners. Track lighting looks dated, and being able to see the back of appliances like tvs always looks messy to me.

Some nice art and the architectural details of the place are cool.

Anna Gabriel's Downtown Pad House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
11/14/09 06:45 PM

I love the natural lighting and the colors you chose for the walls, and I love that everything isn't new. Also, this home reflects your personality in a nice way. I am drawn to old things.

It is a little too much stuff for me and a little bit "arranged" for my tastes. I would hate to have to clean it. But the older I get, the more of a minimalist I find myself becoming...

LOVE everything about your kitchen.

Karen's Urban Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
11/14/09 06:34 PM

yeah. let's hear about the chairs...

Apartment Therapy New York | Terry Shawn 's Homey Modernism House Call
8/19/09 08:39 PM

i fail to see the glam. the bathroom looks like a showroom.

Apartment Therapy New York | Maria's Gramercy Glam House Call
8/19/09 08:32 PM

a bit cluttered but all interesting stuff. your deck is awesome.

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5/22/09 11:13 PM