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I want the rock poster. I have just have to justify the 80 USD to myself :)

Alphabet Art Prints: Neon, Candy, Hexagons & More
2/20/14 02:22 AM

Amazing dream home

Tammy's House Full of Colors Professional Project
2/9/14 11:35 PM

want the green shelf :)

Melissa's Stylish, Space-Maximizing Home House Call
2/2/14 03:09 PM

I am currently trying to go more minimal in my apartment, but I am definitely not a minimalist. This is toooo minimal for me. Actually kind of envious you obviously don't hoard like I do ;)

A Cool, Clean, Minimal London Loft Professional Project
1/27/14 03:09 AM

I love your art pieces. Congrats on having a place of our own!

Anna's Lovely, Art-Filled Apartment House Call
1/26/14 10:52 PM

I found it helpful that you included how much it cost. That's what grabbed my attention. Do all DIY tally the cost of the project?

Before & After: A $6 Side Table Makeover
1/18/14 11:39 AM

...wishing I could be this put together

Elena & Judd's Cozy Amsterdam Apartment House Tour
1/7/14 11:56 PM

Grandpa Carl, can you please do a video on teaching an adult how to ride a bicycle? Hehe. Thanks

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike Apartment Therapy Videos
10/1/13 12:08 AM

Grandpa Carl, can you please do a video on teaching an adult how to ride a bicycle? Hehe. Thanks

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike Apartment Therapy Videos
10/1/13 12:08 AM

Like many people, it took many years and a lot of money to earn my degrees, so they may not be on display now (need perfect frames and location) but they are going on display at some point. I don'tsee why it would be pretentious at all. They were a proud accomplishment.

Do You Display Your Diploma?
8/19/13 11:34 AM

@Montanagal and arainngirl, etc: I moved from the midwest to Cali 4 yrs ago and I really feel like landlords in Cali think it's their right to keep your security deposit for stupid reasons, like it's extra rent. It's annoying that after I pay my rent promptly every month, be a good tenant, and I scrub the apartment clean for days, the deposit is till chopped apart. I call shennanigans! I always got my entire deposit back in the midwest. I never agreed to using my security deposit for painting over the usual wear and tear and I don't understand why being a poor tenant (which it sounds like you weren't) is even an excuse for keeping your deposit. What?! Sorry to vent here and maybe not all landlords are greedy, but it makes me so upset, I can hardly breathe.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/18/13 03:43 AM

I love this post! Bachelorettes/bachelors, unite, I say! Hopefully, my apt will be up on this site one day. Working on it!

Living the Single Life with Style in L.A. House Tour Roundup
8/6/13 10:04 PM

I am working on my very own bachelorette pad. Thanks for the inspirations!

Amy Campbell's Travel-Inspired Townhouse House Tour
8/2/13 01:01 AM

is it something i can buy, cuz i want! I love food, spices and art.

Look! Gorgeous Food Typography Made of Curry, Flour, and Other Pantry Ingredients
7/30/13 02:41 PM


Cristian's Open Floor Plan in Bucharest House Call
3/24/13 07:31 PM

Please where did you get your rug (the white and black)? Thanks in advance.

Cristian's Open Floor Plan in Bucharest House Call
3/19/13 02:37 AM

Please tell me where you got your rugs. I want in :)

Levi & Evette's Simple, Approachable Style House Tour
12/7/12 01:16 AM

I truly love all kinds of kitchen gadgets, but one of the greatest buys I didn't know at the time is my slow cooker. It can make soup, cook protein and bake cake and I don't have to hover, be hot or get sticky (and believe me, I love to cook). Love my shiny, red slow cooker, which I think I bought from Target 5-6 years ago. Still works wonderfully.

10 Must-Have Essentials for a First Kitchen
8/10/12 03:27 AM

Um, I also painted for the first time, 6 weeks ago. I wanted to puke after hours and hours of trying to get a small kitchen painted and swore I would never do it again (but I think I will). But definitely ditching the idea of painting my whole house. The boring bland off white color will have to do, thank you. The trouble was I am really petite, so going and down the ladder and standing on tip toe got old super fast. My tip, invest in a long roller.... Also, buy the thin, trim, finishing brush earlier on. After 2 days of painting, went to Home Depot to get the small paint brush to put finishing touches on unfinished edges in and 6 weeks later, I have still not done it. Hahahaha.

Real Life Lessons from a First-Time Painter
8/10/12 02:25 AM

I love schlepping, but I do not love the way I look when I do it. I was definitely more comfortable schlepping when I was younger and didn't care what I looked like. Now... a little more difficult to be the "bag lady" going down the street. I live in Long Beach, CA now, so walkable-driveable-bikeable city. When I have some time from myself (ie weekends) I am sure I will schlep smallish totes up and down the blocks. Hahaha.
I love this article though. Ode to schlepping. But will look for a bike soon, to help. Hahaha.

Schlepping: The Ultimate Urban Workout
8/8/12 12:26 AM