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We just moved to a new city and I literally don't know anyone. I could do a house warming party, but it's only been two months since we moved in and the place is still full of boxes. And still, the only people we could invite would be my husband's co workers (I work from home). So, maybe I'll just plan a fancy dinner for my husband and I.

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1/13/14 10:19 AM

Anything with chocolate! =D

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5/9/13 08:09 PM

I made this last night. I also skipped the eggs (can someone explain their purpose?). My biscuit batter was not runny, very clumpy. I even added an extra 1/2 cup of milk and it was still not very runny. Tasted fine though. Substituted peas for green beans. Skipped the sherry because we didn't have any.

All in all, this was delicious! I'll definitely make it again. :)

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1/13/13 07:59 AM

I had the same issue with my grandma's Hungarian Tart recipe: 1lb flour, 1lb butter, 1lb cottage cheese and some sugar; mix and roll out. Cut into triangles, fill with apricot jam and then brush with an egg. That was it! Took me 4 dozen to figure out the baking temperature, time and exactly how much sugar (400, 15 mins and 1/4th cup). Also refrigerate for 2 hours before rolling out.

It seemed like such a simple recipe that we had done so many times together, but those little details that were never written down made it hard to re-create. I inherited her recipe cards, but half of them are missing time and temp. Took me another 3 dozen to figure out her butter cookies. Ugh...

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8/2/12 11:47 AM

Is there any special technique or product for spray painting glazed ceramics? The spray paint bubbled or cracked when I tried it.

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1/19/12 04:08 PM