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You might try doing something with the stair risers: painting them if your landlord allows or covering them with decorative paper if you can't paint. I did coat stand in a rental last year using painter's tape and scented drawer liner paper from a discount store. Wrapping paper works, too.

Help with Landing Strip in Small Apartment?
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11/25/11 11:48 AM

If used as a landing strip, the hole could be for paper recycling. Or, get a bucket/pail to stay in it and use it as a coat stand or umbrella stand.

ODDA Storage Unit and Coat Rack from IKEA
11/25/11 11:48 AM

Anything that forces me to edit is a good thing! We made a makeshift hall tree for our makeshift entryway, and I couldn't be happier
coat stand

Beautiful & Practical: Upcycled, Vintage and Antique Hall Trees
11/25/11 11:47 AM

One could say it's a bit...odd-a?

I'm sorry.
coat stand

The Wishbone in Decor
11/25/11 11:45 AM

coat stand

The other thing to consider is you can remove the door to the hallway. Is there any real you'd want to be able to close off your living room (and maybe dining room?) That will possibly make things a little easier for you.

Layout Suggestions For Oddly Shaped Living Room?
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11/25/11 11:44 AM