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I'm wearing a dark purple skirt with a kelly green cardigan (that I knitted myself) right now and I've gotten tons of compliments.
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Color Combo: Purple, Green, and Blue
11/25/11 11:17 AM

My family has never bought a dog before. We have either saved one from the pound, or got one for free from the paper or from other family members. I would never buy a dog from a store or a breeder, but it's still very important to research a dog that will best work for your lifestyle. Most big dogs don't do well in confined spaces, but some such as greyhounds do very well.

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Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
11/25/11 11:16 AM

I think these are charming. And HBC blankets were _always_ products (iconic products, but still products), so these pieces are just taking design from one product and placing it onto another - very different from a Mao purse.
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HBC Signature at The Bay
11/25/11 11:15 AM

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HBC blankets are so much a part of Canada and I guess I don't see the political connection to the same degree as scarletdog's other examples. I love the small ottoman and I love that you are posting about lots of Canadian things - thanks Regina.

Finding Home Design Inspiration in Your Closet
11/25/11 11:15 AM