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And yes, the shelves slide into the headboard.

Apartment Therapy DC | A Color that Makes You Happy?
10/2/09 02:34 PM

The bed is Ikea's malm design, which Ikea still makes but no longer in white.

Apartment Therapy DC | A Color that Makes You Happy?
10/2/09 02:34 PM

lisamfb: yes, the carpet is samples put together. Very handy for the occasional stain - they just swap out the stained piece!

FrogsPet: Joe built the bookcase on his own.

farleece: the frames were purposely left empty as decor. other areas of the home have been designed as gallery spaces for the kids' art. stay tuned for a full house tour...

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Creative Wall Hook Decor
7/28/09 09:43 PM

repressd: a lot of people think Cassidy is a Havanese but she's a Doodle, which is a mini-Poodle and daschund mix. Thanks for noticing!

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Pet-Friendly Escapes Resources
7/21/09 11:59 PM

Congrats, Victoria in DC! Want to send us photos of the chairs at home? or post them to the a ">http://www.flickr.com/groups/846621@N21/"> Apartment Therapy DC flickr group.

Apartment Therapy DC | Scavenger: Vintage Telephone Table - $80 Washington DC
6/12/09 09:22 AM

birdablaze: the bench with pillows is by Gesso Good

Apartment Therapy DC | Artomatic 2009: Art, Home Accessories, and Inspiration
6/3/09 01:35 PM

thanks, creative*type! AT readers rock.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Ra'ed David's Contemporary Surprise Washington, DC
5/28/09 03:55 PM

mb0503: Timothy Paul Bedding Home sells the light for $545. The light measures 15" in diameter.

Apartment Therapy DC | Kelly Wearstler's New Collection in DC and On Sale
5/22/09 02:59 PM

bettingimnot: thanks for doing the extra research! i just fixed the post based on your comment.

Apartment Therapy DC | Scavenger: Dresser With Mirror - $30
5/22/09 02:57 PM

pedalpowered: thanks for letting us know about the curtains/speakers. that wasn't in the craigslit ad, and increases the "wow-factor" of the piece. :)

Apartment Therapy DC | Scavenger: 1970's Bar, Fireplace and Stereo Combination - $225
5/20/09 05:59 PM

thanks, JennF!

Apartment Therapy DC | Embassy Open House on May 2nd
4/28/09 11:01 AM

floatingapples: can you ask your friend Michelle where she got her shvitz t-shirts?

Apartment Therapy DC | Look! Recycling Passover Matzah into Home Decor
4/10/09 12:04 PM

downtownnc: just wanted to clarify that I meant "home to a number of tobacco warehouses no longer in use" as tobacco warehouses. thanks for your comments and please send us photos of durham space! (dc (at) apartment therapy (dot) com)

Apartment Therapy DC | Look! Living Inside A Converted Tobacco Warehouse Durham, North Carolina
2/13/09 06:13 PM

DC_Chica: good point. Neighborhood switched to Park View / Pleasant Plains. Thanks for your comment!

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Richard Robert's Orange, Purple Green Oasis Washington DC
10/9/08 03:03 PM

Pixie: just rechecked the slideshow and it seems to be working.

Apartment Therapy DC | House Tour: Richard Robert's Orange, Purple Green Oasis Washington DC
10/9/08 12:16 PM

That70sHeidi: just switched the order of the list. Hope that's more clear. The Pucci vases are the orange on the top right and the blue/green on the top right.

Apartment Therapy DC | Thursday Giveaway: Choose from 6 Items at Vastu
10/9/08 12:11 PM

theseboots: below is Linda's response to your questions:

"When people approach the benches, I offer them 2 clipboards: one has "FOR" in turquoise at the top of a lined sheet of paper and the other has "AGAINST" in red. After they write something down, then I ask them if they would like to pose for a photograph. I do all digital shots and put what they are for or against under their picture in the computer which you can see at http://www.lindahesh.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=8"

"I also think the color choices are interesting...."

"This is partly do to what colors were available. These benches are dipped in a thermoplastic coating. Because they are dipped and not just spray painted, the color palette is limited. The red for the against was obvious. There was no bright green available that popped as nicely as the red, so I chose turquoise."

Apartment Therapy DC | The Gallery: For and Against Benches by Linda Hesh
10/7/08 04:31 PM

problem fixed. Thanks, Doug in DC!

Apartment Therapy DC | Sales and Events Calendar: 10.02.08 Washington, DC
10/2/08 11:39 AM

Bumble: Samson is a cockapoo. :)

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Colorful Rugs: Color Sample Carpets
9/19/08 02:43 PM

The artist who painted the piece over the fireplace is DC artist Michael Torra. His website is: http://mysite.verizon.net/torra73/index.html

In response to your comments, we'll do a post featuring the cat tunnels in the next few days...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Adam's Cat-Haven Condo Washington DC
9/8/08 06:23 PM