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the suction cups on the toy holder didnt stick to our shower either. i replaced them with cheap suction hooks from the grocery store. hasnt fallen since!

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5/17/12 08:45 PM

i am ecstatic that i bought a (hideous) exersaucer second hand. it was middle-of-the-road on the ugly scale, but i paid only $20 instead of shelling out $100 for something i wasnt even going to like to look at. my son loved it....for a FAST few months. him not fussing overroad the look of the toy.
(ps, and we do also have the bjorn bouncer...love it, looks and function...but it does not keep a baby occupied/contained like an exersaucer!)

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1/3/12 06:32 PM

besides being functional, it perfectly matches my oeuf crib and dresser! love their design

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11/24/11 07:27 AM