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Don't forget great on-line tutorials for kids: https://www.khanacademy.org/ and http://www.codecademy.com/

20 Resources for Teaching Kids How to Program & Code
2/20/14 09:52 AM

The answer is mindless routine. Clean up the kitchen after each meal. Straighten up the living room before going to bed. Makes the beds each morning -- and get the kids into the routine of doing it too. A few minutes here and there is so much faster than trying to clean up after mess has been accumulating for days. I also wipe down the bathroom sink, mirror and toilet while my son plays during his bath time (I have to be in the bathroom anyway, so why not. It takes maybe 90 seconds but keeps the bathroom fresh and inviting. ) I keep cleaning supplies in every bathroom so when I see a mess, I can wipe it down without a second thought.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
1/9/14 02:51 PM

Judging by those Houzz photos, woods with orange/red tones seem to look good with greys that have a green undertone to them. Lighter/yellow woods might look better with purer grays, or ones with blue/purple undertones.

Will Gray Walls Work with Wooden Trim? Good Questions
12/12/13 11:22 AM

simply perfect. i love everything so much.

A Chic, Modern Home for a Family of Five (Soon-to-Be 6) Professional Project
11/15/13 12:19 PM

white wash and white shelves:


What Can I Do to Make My Giant Fireplace More Contemporary-Looking? Good Questions
10/22/13 09:35 AM

I have the Andalucia from Overstock in dark brown and love it. It's in a high-traffic area and gets used by kids and it's held up beautifully for more than a year now.

Under $1000: Modern Benches
10/10/13 04:01 PM

Perhaps your neighbors or landlord could install acoustic tiles on the downstairs ceiling? (My neighbor down the street has the same layout of house as I do, and she complains about the noise coming down between floors (he bedroom is on main floor, her kids live upstairs). I don't have the same problem -- and I think it's because the previous owners installed acoustic tile on the main floor bedroom ceilings.

How Do I Deal with Neighbor's Excessive Noise Complaints? Good Questions
2/20/13 10:00 AM

My biggest challenge are papers that pile up because I'll need for something down the line. I solved this problem a few months ago with a bunch of Ikea magazine files -- each one labeled for a different topic, and tucked away in an Expedit unit next to my desk. That way if I'm looking for the latest coupon to a home design store or travel itineraries related to a work trip that is coming up, I need only pull out the relevant magazine file. I also have Ikea boxes for all the papers that my kids bring home from school that I want to keep -- drawings, poems, whatever. Everything gets tossed into the box labeled with the kid's name the minute it comes home. This has helped cut down on the paper piles in a big way.

5 Steps to a Clean & Tidy Desk
8/26/12 08:29 PM

The only one I can stand is the Rice/Allen bedroom -- and then only without the cow hide.

Getting Personal: 15 Designers' Bedrooms
3/30/12 03:31 PM

How about a potted tree?

How To Decorate Stair Nook? Good Questions
3/27/12 09:41 AM

The swirly pattern on the chair alongside the whimsical shape of the window is simply inspired. This place is a gem.

Before & After: The Beverly Grove Renovation
3/23/12 03:45 PM

I am just gearing up to tear out the faux wood paneling from my home office this spring. I cannot wait to paint the trim white and walls blue-gray and to get rid of the dark brown man cave look.

Wood Paneling: The 60s Favorite Is Back
3/21/12 12:33 PM

@Parnassus - what colors are you into now?

Jamie & Byron's Elegant Art Canvas House Tour
3/20/12 12:59 PM

Last year I bought a climbing vine called Mandevilla from my local Home Depot garden section. It had gorgeous red velvety blooms that kept coming all summer and into fall. It was a variety that is supposed to withstand winter, so we'll see if it comes back this year. But even if it doesn't I plan to buy more to help cover my fence. It grew very quickly, wrapping itself around a trellis I set up, and the blooms kept coming, unlike my clematis, which bloomed once and then just sat there.

On The Hunt For The Perfect Climbing Vine
3/19/12 11:22 AM

I installed hooks low _inside_ my entryway closet. That way the kids can hang their own coats, but they are still out of sight once the closet door is closed. Works wonders.

Practical Tips for Organizing Mud Rooms & Entryways
3/1/12 12:37 PM

more, please! love to see Deco that is not over-the-top hollywood cheesy...

David & John's Deco Meets Modern House Call
2/24/12 09:16 PM

I love that they achieved collected, not cluttered.

Aubin & Florice's Curiosity Fueled Home House Tour
2/23/12 03:55 PM

I am in love with your dining room. The wall color and the gorgeous wood furniture, clean lines, nice proportions, etc. So I was surprised to read you want to change it. But I guess photos can't tell the whole story.

Clare & Thierry's 1905 Echo Park Craftsman
House Tour

2/8/12 10:34 PM

We just rearranged our long living room by moving sofa and arm chairs away from the walls. We put two arms chairs flanking either side of the fireplace and the sofa facing it, with a rug in front. What a difference it made! The living room when from random to cozy and like it was all meant to be. Try facing the sofa toward the fireplace, even if it creates an empty space behind. You can always put a slim console table along the back wall behind the sofa. (Caveat: we don't keep the tv in the living room, so this arrangement did not have to account for tv placement or sight lines.)

How to Lay Out Living Room without Removing Fireplace?
Good Questions

12/15/11 09:20 AM

omg. brilliant.

Two Ways To Use Strawberries to Make Brownies Festive
12/13/11 11:50 AM