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I think it's funny that you used a photo of Indianapolis, and it didn't even make the list. (It is a beautiful view of my beloved city, however!)

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7/13/08 05:55 AM

I have a five month old, and what I've realized is that you really don't have to buy things all at once...I think if I did it in stages, it would have been easier. For example, we had a bouncy seat, but our baby has acid reflux and would scream when you put him in it. It sat unused for at least three months. The only thing that would calm him was the swing, which was a great investment. You do need basics like those mentioned above, but once you get to know your baby's rhythms a bit more, that helps determine what you need and what you don't.

You might consider purchasing a Boppy if you are nursing. It was a lifesaver. And if you have a small apartment, a pack and play may be more cost effective than a crib, because you can take it with you or fold it up if need be.

We also didn't want to spend the money on a glider because 1) I hate how they look and 2) they just weren't that comfortable for me, so a comfy chair and ottoman works just fine...and when the baby's sick and you need to sleep near them, it sure makes a difference.

Good luck, it really is overwhelming with so much "stuff!"

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3/27/08 07:50 AM