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I recently mopped the floors in my newly purchased quaint 1939 bungalow (first time home buyer!!), but ignored the grimey baseboards. I've been putting off a good scrub of them, I guess this is the weekend to do it!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 12:24 PM

Ooh this would look fab in the living room of my 1939 bungalow!

Enter for a Chance to Win: Aster Chandelier from Jayson Home Holiday Giveaway
12/17/13 12:39 PM

Where did you get those shelves? My bathroom needs a couple just like that.

Before & After: World's Ugliest Condo Bathroom
2/18/13 01:26 PM

Definitely more cozy. Feels more lived in. LOVE.

Before & After: Francis's Transformative Gallery Wall
2/6/13 07:38 PM

If you are having trouble getting rid of stuff...I just read this on the California Closets website and attacked my closet. But you could do this to every part of your home! Goes along with the CURE:

1. Take everything out of your closets and create four distinct piles: Now (the clothes you wear regularly), Someday (the clothes you will fit into again or finally find an occasion to wear), Never (the clothes you never wear), and Seasonal (swim suits, ski jackets, etc.). Be honest with yourself. If it will help, invite a friend over to lend a hand.

2. Take a deep breath and move everything in the Someday pile to the Never pile. It’s bold, but necessary. You wake up and get dressed today, not someday. Needing to pick through clothes you can’t use is a daily drain. Your mind catalogs everything it sees and working past all of the garments cluttering your closet every day takes its toll over time. This is the hardest step, but you can do it!

It was hard but now my closet is so much more inspiring and filled with everything I LOVE! Feels great!

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure - Day 3
1/4/13 11:12 AM

@katrina michelle: I am on Pinterest. follow me here:

@DESIGNGRATISLONDON: thanks! You'll never believe it but I got the credenza at a small vintage shop in the midwest for $1!

Carly's Money Making Decorating Small Cool Contest
4/17/12 12:29 AM

@ NIGHT: The vintage cabinet by the couch is by Lane and holds all of our records. It's one of my favorite pieces. You can learn more about it here:

Carly's Money Making Decorating Small Cool Contest
4/14/12 06:05 PM

Thanks for all the comments! I love reading your thoughts and recommendations.

@REXRAYFAN: My husband is a touring musician so I have to give the "cool points" to him.

@PURPLECHARM: yes the couch does have a single cushion. It's the Bantam sofa from DWR. I got it on craigslist for $600. Here is a link to buy it new:

Carly's Money Making Decorating Small Cool Contest
4/14/12 05:38 PM