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Front yards are great, especially for kids and gardening and getting to know your neighbors. Overly-cultivated, chemical-filled, obsessively-clipped turfgrass, the kind that kids aren't welcome to run across? No. Yuck.

I would also like to note that not ALL of "suburbia" looks like a brand-new exurban cookie-cutter gated community with sodded lawns. LOTS of suburban areas are now over fifty years old and have developed character and personality over the decades. Old Metairie, outside of New Orleans, for example, started developing in the 1940s and has a charming character and non-generic aesthetics.

The Case Against the American Front Lawn
7/6/11 11:22 AM

Right now there's an exhibit of about 25 vintage travel posters (including the Atlantic City and Firenze ones above) at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel, MS. - it's on I-59 about halfway between New Orleans and Birmingham. Up through the end of the summer.

A Visual Passport: Vintage Travel Posters

7/5/11 03:42 PM

A, for reasons already enumerated: 18th c. American furniture is rarer and more hotly collected than 18th c. European. My second choice would be D.

Can You Tell Which Chair Costs More Than a New Car?
Design Quiz

6/30/11 02:16 PM

I've been using the Evo reminder:

Works a charm.

4 Easy Tips to Reduce Screen Eyestrain
6/10/11 11:16 AM

I use a fan, too. I bought a mini desk fan - the kind you might find when shopping for college dorm supplies - and put it on my nightstand. It cost all of $5 or $10 at Target.

Get a Better Night Sleep Using White Noise
6/10/11 11:11 AM

Seriously, y'all are down on fruit??? What the hell? I think it's far healthier to eat a healthy portion of fruit than to have dessert, which, you may notice, is not even on the plate. People need sugar and carbs - it's FUEL, people, FUEL - and fruit's a great way to get it. Jeez, you diet nazis are out of hand if you're opposed to fruit. Criminy.

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Food Plate
6/3/11 11:15 AM

I'll still shop Amazon, sales tax or no, since I live in a small town without a proper bookstore or music store or kitchen store anything other than WalMart, actually.

Will You Still Shop Amazon when they Charge Sales Tax?
6/3/11 10:36 AM

Toddy Coffee for the win, y'all. You can brew up a pound of coffee concentrate, and make it hot or iced in a snap. You could also bring a thermos to work and mix your own there, solving the "not at home and needing coffee" situation. I heart my Toddy Coffee maker. Less acid, too. I use Community coffee & chicory and it makes sweet, sweet jet fuel.

Why You Should Be Getting Your Caffeine Fix at Home
6/2/11 04:45 PM

I think you should never paint quality wood in good condition. Paint something cheap and crappy? Sure. But the people who do things like buy an Arts & Crafts home, full of gorgeous oak, and then want to paint over that? No, no, no. PLEASE buy a different house if you don't want a house full of quarter-sawn oak and hand-carved details.

Refinish Or Repaint: The Great Wood Makeover Debate
6/2/11 04:38 PM

Same here - I love design history, well illustrated and clearly explained. Bring on more!

Quick History: The Curule Stool

6/2/11 02:57 PM

Wah! The purple headboard comes in every size BUT Queen! no fair!

Passionate About Purple: Furniture & Accessories
6/1/11 05:20 PM

Sealbeachy, spraying poison on someone else's property is incredibly offensive. My parents' dog actually died because their neighbors sprayed some sort of toxic crap on their shrubbery. They didn't ask permission, and they didn't bother mentioning it. The poor thing had brain damage and seizures, it was freakin AWFUL. Keep your poisons to yourself, you hear?

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
6/1/11 03:09 PM

Thanks for the tip re: the Limonata. Will have to keep an eye out for it. Abita's Purple Haze is also a nice fruity summer beer, and it's available year-round, unlike the (delicious!) Abita Strawberry Harvest.

Low-Alcohol Refreshment: The Shandy
6/1/11 02:25 PM

Sam, that doesn't make any sense... how does it compost if it's frozen? I thought composting relied on heat?

10 Compact Kitchen Compost Bins
6/1/11 02:23 PM

I've had my Vizio since December and it looks great and I've had no troubles with it. I can't remember what size it is - maybe 26" or so? My dad the techie did a whole ton of research and price-checking and the Vizio is what he picked for me.

Dim or Block Annoying LED Lights With These Stickers
6/1/11 10:58 AM

I LOVE a Shandy but cannot find a good fizzy lemon mixer here in the U.S. Any suggestions?

Low-Alcohol Refreshment: The Shandy
6/1/11 10:55 AM

I combine the "Dawn" app on the Chumby (gradually increasing light and bird noises) with my phone alarm, which goes off about 15 minutes after the Chumby goes on. It helps to be sorta-kinda awake before the ring-a-ding alarm gets going.

Why Cell Phones Are Better Alarms Than Clocks
5/31/11 04:35 PM

At this point I'd say the Northshore is a suburb of Orleans, just like Metairie is. I grew up in Metairie, but I always say I'm from NOLA. It's, you know, the *greater metropolitan NOLA*, even if it's not Orleans Parish.

Aimee's Cheerful Family Home in New Orleans
House Call

5/31/11 03:36 PM

My Vizio flat-screen has a GIANT Vizio logo that lights up just below the center of the screen. Completely distracting. I've been thinking about taping over it but I'm afraid it'll be even uglier.

Dim or Block Annoying LED Lights With These Stickers
5/31/11 03:19 PM

I use vinegar in my HE washer with no troubles.

50 Easy Laundry Tips and Solutions
Country Living

5/31/11 03:07 PM