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Beautiful mobile... but keep in mind they exist to attract baby's attention--teach them how to focus. Maybe high contrast sheets of paper? Black, red...? The white isn't going to do anything for that baby but I love the idea!

Alexis & Josh Make Room for 3 House Tour
12/4/12 04:18 PM

How silly. Sure, you can see one photo of each tour on pinterest....and now we are supposed to come back to AT a try to find the full tours? Please.....

Readers, It's Your Turn to Choose:
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12/2/12 06:53 PM

I currently have unlimited data with AT&T but hate the lack of service. Is it worth switching to Verizon for better service but a small data availability?

How To Pick the Best Wireless Carrier for the iPhone 5 (or Any Smartphone)
9/13/12 07:54 PM

Way too much TJ Maxx, Target, and West Elm to be "vintage."

Sara's Vintage, Luxury Find House Tour
8/19/12 07:53 PM

So sweet and cozy. My favorite nursery on AT, seriously.

Hannah's Blue & Green Room in Halifax My Room
8/17/12 10:47 PM

Please read the children's book : 'The Big Orange Splot'

Neighborhood Etiquette: When Personal Style Becomes Public
8/2/12 09:27 PM


Cheyenne Weaver's Gilded SimplicityHouse Tour
5/31/12 12:49 PM


How To Color Correct a Photo Super Photo Magic School
5/27/12 02:46 PM

Please, for the love of God, hang up your pictures instead of just leaning them against the walls. Other than that, I say well done for it being a McMansion. :)

The Roeders' Modern Life is Beautiful House Tour
5/23/12 11:52 PM


Thanks for the new blogs!

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
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5/12/12 01:18 PM


Really? You think you should take a picture of your kids everyday to remember their outfits in case they get kidnapped? Wow.

10 Snapshots You Should Keep in Your Phone's Photo Album
5/3/12 05:19 PM

I knew this was Portland right away. So wonderful. Can I move in?!

Charley & Jessica's "Patina Clean" House Tour
3/15/12 10:59 PM

And regards to kid friendliness: PROPS on not turning your home and living room into a squishy playroom. Kids do just fine growing up and learning to walk in real homes.

Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame
House Tour

2/17/12 08:35 AM

Love this! I can't believe it's in Beaverton... I'm so judgmental. ha!

Jonya & Brad's Modern A–Frame
House Tour

2/17/12 08:34 AM

gallery walls are the worst. ugh

How To: Create a Gallery Wall
2/4/12 01:21 AM

terrifying.... literally jumped

Furniture Fright Night: The Creepy Demon Face in the Sofa
2/4/12 01:19 AM

I got scammed when selling my old laptop. I was sent a check that was exactly $1000 too much. Before I sent the difference back to them via Western Union I talked to my bank. They told me the check was fine and would clear without a problem. Two days later my debit card was declined because the check had bounced. Dont rely on a bank telling you that the check is fine! Luckily, I cancelled the payment with Western Union. They didn't get my $1000 but they did get my old laptop :(

Get Smart: How To Avoid the Top 3 Online Shopping Scams
2/3/12 07:27 PM

I want a photo of their view!

Tereasa & David's Grown-Up Tree House
House Tour

1/1/12 09:36 PM


Look! Thrifty Winter Wall Art Idea from Urban Outfitters
12/5/11 04:16 PM

white clean towels and a surplus of wood in an industrial home. sign me up!

Betty's Custom Designed Live/Work Home
House Tour

12/3/11 06:49 PM