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I just wrote about a company that makes similar fridges called Big Chill, which are available in the States. (They're not quite as cute as the Smeg, but are pretty darn close looks-wise.) Here's the link to the post:

Good Questions: Smeg Kitchen Source in the U.S.?
4/26/07 01:04 PM

Looks great! I'd love to know what the pretty blue wall color is in the kitchen area.

#8 - Becky and Chris's Nice to Come Home To
4/19/07 08:36 AM

I've always thought that Chilewich rugs are great in the kitchen. So easy to clean! Here's the link to the site:

Also, if you are in New York, the annual sample sale is coming up soon (the week of May 7th). Here's the link to info about the sale:

Good Questions: How To Soften the Black White?
4/18/07 07:05 AM

Gothic Cabinet Craft has some great captain's beds and other wood platform beds with drawers. I have a similar bed to this one:

I just love it. Mine has been cut in two lengthwise to that there are two halves, which are easier to move.

Built-in Storage Beds: A Roundup
4/15/07 07:43 AM