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I've lived in a number of tiny apartments in NYC and with the right layout and furniture arrangement, 300 - 400 square feet is plenty for 1-2 people. Personally, I do not like this design, though.

I have never liked studios where the kitchen is right next to the bed, as opposed to in an alcove (cooking smells and sleeping with your head next to a stove is not restful!). Also, I think the designers gave the idea of entertaining too much weight vs. having a comfortable static setup. I think most people would prefer to be able to move from the couch to bed and use a table without having to fold things up and down - also think about a couple where one person wants to go to sleep earlier than the other. The foldout bed seems uncomfortable, expensive to repair/replace, and inflexible since it can't be moved to another place in the room.

I understand the size of the kitchen and bathroom are in order to comply with accessibility requirements but I wonder if the apartment dimensions were fixed as well - a squatter rectangle would allow designers to do more with the space.

adAPT NYC: The Micro Unit Design Competition Winner
1/23/13 07:41 AM

I love the chosen examples, but I agree with idontlooksick - a lightweight painting or other artwork is OK, but anything too heavy and I get scared of being crushed in my sleep.

I'm just glad there were no chalkboard-above-the-bed examples. As a person who loves to read and use my laptop in bed I always thought that would be so messy!!

Hanging Artwork Above the Bed — Ideas for Everyone!
2/3/11 05:32 PM

I would love to hang out in that cave room!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bookmarked: Bloomingdales Book of Home Decorating
2/24/09 10:39 AM

Like the furniture... the floors and wallpaper not so much.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not: Moulin Noir Bedroom
11/7/08 10:05 AM

None of these sofas look particularly comfy.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best of Three: Cheap Knockoff Sofas from Chiasso
11/4/08 06:50 AM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Console Tables from Martha Stewart
10/31/08 12:17 PM

Ugh, I HATE this problem! Especially when the boyfriend is a bit messy, not a nester and has ROOMATES but one has to spend time there in the interest of being equitable.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Staying At The Boyfriend's And Coming Back Home Again
10/31/08 08:04 AM

I agree with Jules. Take a stab at removing it first, then if that fails, paint. Having wallpaper underneath is going to limit the color and type of paint you can use. Buy a compressed air sprayer, spray the paper with a mix of water and wallpaper remover, let it soak and it should come off really easily, especially if you use a spackle scraper. This worked like a charm in my old house where there were several layers of quite-old paper. A lot of times, the sheets of wallpaper literally rolled themselves off the wall.

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Best Way to Paint Over Bad Wallpaper?
10/28/08 10:09 AM

I love all the Tintin items they have. A lot of things are pricey, but they also have tons of little toys and knicknacks for under $5. Great for gifts.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Black Ink: Unexpected Necessities
10/24/08 01:09 PM

eeek! That figure lurking at the window in the photo above is scaring me.

My favorite Halloween costume was Consumptive Dickensian Urchin. I just dressed in oversized clothes and a newsboy cap, spoke in a horrible Cockney accent and "coughed up blood" (a few drops of food coloring on a handkerchief) all night. Great fun! Price =$0

Apartment Therapy Boston | Ideas for a Green Halloween?
10/24/08 01:06 PM

Love it! I'm sure it would be popular at parties.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hot or Not?: Little Heart Drinking Glass by Etienne Meneau
10/24/08 10:39 AM

eek! I would be afraid of that shelf falling! Doesn't look too sturdy!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look!: The Coffee Table That Lived Forever
10/24/08 10:35 AM

Hmm. Color me unconvinced. They're just boxes. My shoes are not that pretty! And I hope you can fit at least two in each box.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Clearly Glam Box
10/23/08 12:25 PM

Danke Schön!

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #71: Jamie's "Iced Cube Silver"
10/23/08 07:18 AM

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't know where is that wallpaper from... where is it from?

Apartment Therapy Boston | East #71: Jamie's "Iced Cube Silver"
10/23/08 06:43 AM

Thanks for all the nice comments! The wing chair *is* supremely comfortable. I got it at the Cambridge Antiques Market for about $200. There is a lot of junk to wade through there, but some real treasures too!

Apartment Therapy Boston | House Tour: Caitlin's Beacon Hill Jewel Box
10/22/08 08:17 AM

Plants and rugs. Snacks when guests come over. Knick-knacks and toys for people to play with.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Easy Ways to Add Comfort to a Room! Austin
10/17/08 08:55 AM

You know what else is the design of choice for frozen yogurt shops? The KNAPPA light from IKEA. There are seriously 3 yogurt shops on Court St in Brooklyn with this light.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Teal Seats at Quickly
10/15/08 08:51 AM

Love them!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Tile Jacquard Towels from Pottery Barn
10/8/08 10:34 AM

Lostinprojection: Maybe I am reading this wrong... your apartment is unheated?? By law, your landlord must provide heat!

"The landlord must provide a heating system in good working order. The landlord must pay for the heat, unless your lease requires you to pay for it. From September 16 to June 14, every room must be heated to at least 68º F between 7:00 AM and 11 PM, and at least 64º F at all other hours. During the heating season, the maximum heat allowable in the apartment is 78º F." Information&L3=Tenant %26 Landlord&sid=Eoca&b=terminalcontent&f=tenants_rights_and_responsibilities&csid=Eoca

Apartment Therapy Boston | Survey: When Do You Turn Your Heat On?
10/8/08 10:33 AM