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Is this the same place where the sweetjuniper blog guy lives?

Own a Mies van der Rohe Home For $160K Design News
5/13/14 01:45 AM

Where did you get the whale bookends? In love.

Amanda & Justin's Brooklyn Railroad Nook House Tour
4/27/14 08:08 PM

I love it ! Love the wall of books, and that they are not all arranged by color. Brilliant idea turning the closet into a bar. And I love the blue paint in the living/dining room and the dining room table (gorgeous). I am also absolutely in love with the ceiling. Is it painted tin?

Amanda & Justin's Brooklyn Railroad Nook House Tour
4/27/14 08:07 PM

The originals were gross, the end result amazingly different. nice job!

Before & After: Michelle's Lightened & Refreshed Nightstands
4/13/14 11:11 AM

umm, yeah... where's the real story here? cleaning out a fancy new fridge like that is a piece of cake. Try having a tiny fridge (1/3 the size of "normal") with no functioning light on the inside and no real vegetable crisper, with a freezer the size of a small microwave that frosts over after a week or two and then has to be manually defrosted.....

Regina's Cure: Kitchen Cleaning, the Refrigerator Edition Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/11/14 10:43 AM

TWO dishwashers?? Seems over the top.

Before & After: Kari's Modern Kitchen Makeover
11/15/13 11:47 AM

love it!

Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
10/29/13 10:45 AM

I tried the baked potatoes last year and the above commenters are right: you don't get a crunchy skin. But I didn't have mind the mushy potatoes that resulted. Just don't think of them as a traditional baked potato, but more like a steamed potato. And like all the other stuff, it can be nice to walk in the door and have something hot and good ready to eat!

10 Surprising Foods You Can Make in a Slow Cooker
10/22/13 10:53 AM

looks really good. how did you chance the lines/shape of the chair? i'm really impressed this was your first try.

Before & After: A Washed-Up Wingback Gets a Fresh Start
10/22/13 10:50 AM

don't like it.

Bring in Spring: Greenify the Space Under Your Sink
4/23/13 07:05 PM

build your own breakfast burritos

Crêpe Parties, Taco Bars & More: 9 Build-Your-Own Party Meals
4/2/13 12:05 PM

i love this one

Amanda's Calm Simplicity Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/28/13 11:40 AM

i second the sociology of home idea!

How Hot Do You Look At Home?
9/20/12 12:58 PM

i don't really like any of them.

10 Unconventional Ways to Hang Art
8/16/12 01:11 PM

yes, looks a lot better! i love the way the fireplace looks unobscured.

Living Room Layout Challenge, Revisted: A Before & After Based On Your Advice
8/15/12 12:20 PM

Interesting article!

Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit and Peace
6/26/12 12:37 PM

i totally disagree about getting rid of books. and trying to convince us to switch to an ereader! blasphemy!

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of
6/6/12 01:14 PM


DIY Idea: Turn IKEA Expedits into a Work Table PANYL
5/11/12 08:03 PM

does anyone have a good recipe for a lemon cake that doesn't require eggs?

Funfetti & Beyond! 15 Birthday Cake & Cupcake Recipes Recipe Roundup
4/30/12 11:09 AM

Seriously my favorite tour ever on Apartment Therapy. I love the maps and globes and fans. I absolutely love the furniture choices. I'd love to come home to this apartment.

Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern
House Tour

2/15/12 10:19 PM