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The Christmas Tree Shop and Ocean State Job lot, if you are in the northeast, both have some good finds. The majority of my large party serving dishes are from World Market (one near me when out of business when I lived in VA and I think I bought half the store). I went into a Tuesday Morning the other day (I can't remember why) and there was a surprising number of decent finds.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Dishes & Glassware
5/7/14 10:18 PM

I didn't have a GPS locator as a child, but my mother knew everywhere I was. I can see it being handy. I was lucky enough to grow up in a neighborhood where the kids roamed, you ate lunch where ever someone would feed you and all the parents helped each other out.

One family of kids was called home via a whistle, another by cow bell, another by a gong, and I was due home when the street lights came on.

A Wearable Phone So Your Kids Can Play Outside Design News
4/29/14 11:12 PM

The majority of leases start on Sept. 1 in Boston, mainly because of the demand created by students. I had to do it once. Never again.

Why May 1st Was \"Moving Day\" For All of Manhattan
4/2/14 12:00 PM

Don't have kids! Just kidding.

Anyway those dressers are amazing.

Reader Intelligence Report: How To Get Rid of Diaper Smells at Home Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/25/14 06:08 PM

As multiple people have mentioned, greyhounds make great apartment dogs. The energy level matters more than the size. That being said, I have a 45 lb high energy mutt in a 1000 sq. foot apartment with NO fenced yard.

It comes down to commitment level. My dog trained with me for a several half marathons and its a great running buddy. On days I don't run, we go to the dog park. It sucks when it's freezing cold out (or hotter than hades since your in Atlanta) but I make use of indoor dog parks occasionally and if I have a particularly rough week at work, I'll drop him at doggie day care to play for the day.

It sounds like you have a plan and know what you are getting yourself into so I say go for it. You might have to look around for a rescue/shelter that shares your views. I won't even get started on adoption rules and how ridiculous some of the shelter are.

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/12/14 11:15 AM

These are beautifully done and would make a lovely gift.

Anytime you buy anything you are ultimately supporting various causes, and chances are you don't agree with all of them. We are just far more used to putting our dollars into big companies who support causes via corporate lobbyist rather than small businesses, like this one, that support causes directly. Let's not get all holier than thou here.

Gorgeous Wood Boards and Recipe Boxes from Richwood Creations Store Profile
2/16/14 10:27 AM

Lasagna or soup generally, but if I suspect the person has lots of food coming, I'll do breakfast. Freezable breakfast burritos, quiche, hearty muffins or fresh fruit. People are often overwhelmed by dinner food, but still have nothing to eat for breakfast.

What Do You Bring for Friends Who Could Use a Home-Cooked Meal? Good Questions
2/10/14 02:42 PM

I also have the opposite of this problem. I think I can do everything myself. I've had to talk myself out of disassembling my plumbing on my own several times. Not to mention assembling multiple pieces of furniture solo. Putting the legs on my dining room table (which seats 4-6) and then flipping it over own my own was a feat.

It's amazing what you can learn from youtube and asking the people who work at home depot. I fixed my garbage disposal this weekend. Only took half an hour, one blog post and two youtube videos.

Do You Suffer From Can't-Do-it-Yourself-Itis?
2/10/14 12:22 PM

Wow that's a comprehensive list. I don't think I could do more than five of those when I left home. Of course, I'm fairly certain my mother hasn't master half that list yet so that's probably why. I taught myself while in college and my sister took waited until she had a kid before she started to teach herself to cook.

How to improvise, sub ingredients and work with what you have in the pantry/fridge would be a good one.

What Do Kids Need to Know in the Kitchen Before They Leave Home? Here's My List. What's on Yours?
2/5/14 05:32 PM

Beautifully written. Letting go is an art form. Though I'm a firm believer in a cathartic cry as a means of letting go, whether it's over spilled milk or not.

On Letting It Go Weekend Meditation
2/2/14 03:36 PM

This definitely remind me of childhood. Tacos night was right up there with make your own pizza night. They also remind me of early adulthood, when my friends would gather for dinner. With our limited funds and cooking ability these tacos (and some bucket margaritas) were perfect. We've certainly come along way over the years.

The American Taco Gives Me Great Nostalgia for Childhood. Can You Relate?
1/29/14 08:38 PM

I also have a black box, which is installed in the (unfinished) basement of my house. I have nothing negative to say about the service. My internet is loads faster than with Comcast.

The tech was here for a LONG time. I was expecting a similar installation to Comcast and it wasn't that at all. I'm not sure what he was doing for so long, but the guy was super nice and I actually felt fine running to the grocery store and leaving him alone in my home.

5 Things To Know If You're Having FiOS Installed
1/29/14 08:21 PM

I wait. Sure that means I had a plastic crate as a coffee table for 2 months, followed by a free coffee table that was "okay" for nearly a year, but now I have a perfect coffee table that I love. I'm more than happy to do without until I find what is right.

However, if I see something and I love it, I'm quick to buy it, even if I'm not sure how it is going to fit into my apartment. I stopped worrying about how things "go together" and just started buying things I love and somehow it all works out.

Shopping for the Perfect Piece: Do You Buy it Now or Wait it Out?
1/28/14 11:54 AM

Let me know if you find it. I too love that armoire. I checked Ikea, as suggested below, but didn't see it.

The Assignment We've All Been Waiting For The January Cure: Assignment 18
1/27/14 03:54 PM

I don't have return shame, though I used to be terrible about remembering to return things. So long as I'm acting in good faith, I'm comfortable returning stuff. That includes buying two of something cause I can't decide and taking the losing item back to the store later or two sizes if I'm in a rush and can't try an item on. The coconut water I got delivered through peapod that only had three days left on the sell by? That went back too.

Now people who abuse return policies are another thing. My sister and I both worked for a major retailer through HS (one of their stores happens to be an advertiser on AT). They had a notoriously liberal return policy. We both saw some interesting returns, including:

-40+ pairs of athletic sneakers
-A pair of slippers that had clearly been wore for a long time (the customer service rep actually lifted the trash can up and just had the man put the slippers into the can).
-Stuff that was 5+ years old.
-Pictures that had hung on someone's wall for over a year that they exchanged for new ones.
-A realtor who bought entire houses worth of decor to stage a house only to return it a few weeks later. (yes, if you return items every week, we will recognize you).
-Stuff that wasn't even from our store.

Return Shame: You Either Have It or You Don't
1/24/14 10:23 PM

I love #7. Does anyone have suggestions for a similar item that is cheaper? $328 just isn't in the budget right now. I might try to DIY it.

Organize in Style: Best Office Supply Storage
1/24/14 11:50 AM

@jooohanna Embrace the kitsch! My old bathroom had pink 70s tiles. I added a "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" print and some other accessories and just went with it.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New
1/22/14 02:51 PM

I store my studs in a plastic container meant for keeping small beads separate. It's not pretty but it's very functional. I've seen some DIYs that use framed mesh or screen material to store them if you are looking for a "pretty" option.

Stylish Storage: 10 Best Ways to Organize Jewelry
1/16/14 04:33 PM

Thanks so much for the tip! I hadn't heard that.

Fresh Start: 5 Things You Should Do Every January
1/16/14 03:20 PM

How many people are you having for brunch? Honestly, I'd say pick one and pass on the other or find a caterer.

If you want to try to pull it off, I'd suggest finding a neighbor willing to loan you some freezer space and try to cook and freeze. I'm sure other people have great freezer recipes, but my honest answer is: don't do it.

Can I Prepare My Entire Birthday Brunch Menu Ahead of Time? Good Questions
1/16/14 03:05 PM