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My infant - bouncy seat in the bathroom.
When she outgrew that - Bumbo chair IN the shower. Just not in the stream of water. She loved it. I would warm up the bathroom with steam first. I also killed two birds with one stone by washing her up as well.
When she outgrew the Bumbo she would just sit on the bathtub floor while I showered. I would fill up the bath a few inches so she could play with bath toys. As soon as she was able to stand she has stood with me in the shower and played with toys and allowed me to clean her as well. So basically we have always bathed together!

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10/17/11 10:12 PM

I was shocked when I saw the price of the Good Mod desk....until I realized it was the shipping cost. :) I knew it was too good to be true!

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1/26/11 09:24 PM

Uh just remove the rail! You are going to paint anyway so it's easy to spackle over any nail holes before you paint.

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6/24/09 11:41 AM

What a weird shape for an apartment. High rise living is not my bag but I do like the grey tones, the furniture and layout. I would have liked to see more of the apartment and less of the shoes though (even though they are cute)!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #23: Stephanie's Life of Pie
4/22/08 11:10 AM

I had a similar but different problem a few weeks ago. I painted a wall and immediately freaked out. The lovely people here at AT talked me down off the ledge and now that I have lived with it for a while - I really love it! But it sounds like you have lived with this paint color for a while and are starting to hate it. I plan on posting updated pictures soon to my flickr account.

In that case nothing you can do will change the color - I say if it irks you, you might as well save yourself the agony and just repaint. I know painting sucks but you will be so happy when you are done. If you plan on staying in your home for a while - it will be worth the effort.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Paint Color Change?
4/18/08 01:38 PM

Thank you everyone for your advice! Trust me - I know what I need to do and want to do - unfortunately I have two obsticals. A husband and a budget! :) So buying new frames, new art, etc is appreciated but unfortunately not an option. My husband agreed to painting on the condition that I wouldn’t spend a ton of money redecorating the rest of the room. I suppose he has a point but if I had no budget restrictions – I could decorate the heck out of this room in the right way. Ah to dream….

Here is why i did the things I did and what I did to save money plus some updated pictures:

Track lighting – not going to change. My husband doesn’t want to do the handiwork - and he is very handy. He see's nothing wrong with the lighting and unless I am willing to do it myself, it stays. I have repositioned the lights and they are on a dimmer. So when guests come over I will definitely dim the lights. Plus I added a lamp on the ledge by the bookcase for some ambient lighting.

Frames – not painting them. Now that the track lighting is less direct, they aren't so shiny. I considered sanding them and tested it on a fourth frame I have. It didn't look good. I also tried matte metal paint - didn't look good. So stay they must. Budget and a husband prevent me from changing them out.

Paint - I love it now. When I emailed AT the first time, I was in a bit of a panic the day after painting. It has grown on me and I am all good now :) I do wish “he” would let me paint the rest of the room as many of you suggested but comprimise is what marriage is all about ;) I MAY be able to convince him to paint the other wall behind the couch…

Updates: in the following pictures you will see I added Pussy Willows, Coral colored pillows, Cream and Brown pillows. Also, I have included pictures of the rest of the room to get a better idea of the layout.

Still hate: The sparseness but I also hate clutter.

How I saved money: I couldn't find cream pillows ANYWHERE except Crate and Barrel. And trust me - I looked at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Cost Plus, Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc. I am sure there are tons out there now that I have given up. The Crate and Barrel pillow was WAY too expensive so I bought two pillow covers on ebay for the price of a half a pillow at C&B! I stuffed them with the existing stuffing from my old couch pillows. AND I re-used the coral pillows that were sitting in my bedroom. My husband is happy to have saved the money.

Still to do: New coffee table. Thinking of two smaller side by side tables to add texture. Add a coral colored something to the top of the bookshelf. I still have some money left in my budget for select items – so more bang for the buck ideas? Add more teal and coral accents - maybe to the pussy willow wall? Change out the picture of the orange flower to something with more brown, coral and maybe chartruese – but still using the existing frame. I want something bolder, maybe even a graphic pattern. I am picturing the beehive designs of Jonathan Adler. I can paint it myself too but need a good idea.! Any links to good accent pieces or art prints would be much appreciated! I have searched etc. but haven’t found what I want yet.

Here are the new pics:

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Paint Color Too Bright?#comments
4/11/08 08:33 AM