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I'm thankful that he actually folds the laundry (and folds them pretty well), but I CAN'T stand how he folds the towels. I always end up re-folding them so that they match mine. Coincidentally he was folding them in front of me last night so I covered my face with the blanket to prevent an anxiety attack. Petty I know...please don't judge! hahah

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3/5/09 05:35 PM


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10/10/08 01:10 PM

Gumbo and lotsa spicy chili!!

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9/26/08 12:32 PM

Love the Riverbed collection!

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9/26/08 12:16 PM

very nice!

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7/25/08 12:09 PM

New walls *wink*wink*

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5/1/08 12:21 PM

Cardmom and Nutmeg

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4/4/08 12:07 PM

If I win this awesome bag, I promise to share it with my 2-year-old daughter and her crayons when we travel!!

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3/24/08 11:23 AM