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It's kinda grim. Does it really warrant a house tour? The bathroom and kitchen are okay if a little boring, the rest.....? I'm happy for you that you 'love the colors' in your lounge but all I see is a sea of beige.

Suzann's Lovely London Maisonette House Tour
5/20/12 02:30 AM

Bravo. The light here is beautiful. I'm sure you've waited for the golden hour to take the photographs and it captures the serenity of your beautiful home so well.

Reflections on a Lake House
Tech Tour

12/7/11 10:53 PM

It looks great. Open plan living, sleeping in a box. I guess the open side deals with claustrophobia issues.

Crafting Private Sleeping Quarters in a Loft: The Bed Cube
11/21/11 11:15 PM