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So last decade...

Try This: Mix Up Your Dining Chairs
2/28/14 10:51 PM

Drat! I didn't expect to like this, but I do...

Five Ways to Customize Kitchen Cabinets with Colored Contact Paper
9/9/13 11:06 PM

I love the idea of making things pretty just for their own sake. Feel sad for people who can only have functional things in their spaces. To each her own, but it seems a soulless home to me. I love living in a carefully curated space. However never have thought of a tray vignette having the ability to stun... :D

15 Stunning Desk Tray Vignettes and
Quick Tips to Get the Look at Home

9/7/13 02:46 PM

A $20 basket and an $8 light it. $800? C'mon people, get real. Donate the other $772 to your local food bank. Let's change the world...

Basket Weave Pendant
8/31/13 12:54 PM

Come on...

Win: Momentum Headphones From Sennheiser Giveaway
7/19/13 08:35 PM

Expedit also comes in a 1x5 configuration.

10 Alternatives to Popular Kids IKEA Products
4/29/13 12:58 AM

C'mon people. It takes only 5 minutes to poach an egg... And you can poach 2-6 at a time.

How To Poach an Egg in the Microwave
4/26/13 05:35 PM

Never understood this trend for yucky old pallets. They are cheap wood that will decay quickly and contain all kind of nasties that you'd bring into your home including termites and powder post beetles. Even this AT Post advises against it...

DIY Pallet Garden Storage Etsy
4/24/13 06:15 PM

Love the wall art.

Beautiful Sunroom by Bradshaw Orrell & Randy McManus High Point Spring Market 2013
4/21/13 04:18 PM

Pretentious and over designed. The bedroom especially is a train wreck! People get paid to do this?

A Peek Into the 2013 DC Design House
4/16/13 04:47 PM

Only available in Sweden. So, not right... :)

SuperfrontStore Profile
4/13/13 07:01 PM

My favorite. Love that it's glass. $20.
RSVP Endurance Salt Box

10 Salt Containers Worth Your Salt Product Roundup
2/2/13 02:49 PM

Love lots of parts of each of those. Especially the rug in #1.

Sophisticated Nurseries: 10 Rooms with Grownup Style
1/29/13 08:43 PM

Wonderful. But, you had me at the flamingo..

Step by Step: Simple Ways to Start Creating Your Own Happiness at Home
1/29/13 02:26 PM

And I was looking forward to seeing some gray flannel pinstripe chaises made for mens' suits. What do I get? TV set design...

Identify Black Leather Chaise from Suits? Good Questions
1/28/13 11:23 PM

Sugar, sugar, sugar... Couldn't they make some featuring healthy foods? Or is it OK to continue to brainwash our children into thinking these poor eating habits are cool? Perhaps we should give them some felt cigarettes to play with...

Delicious Desserts: Play Food for Kids with a Sweet Tooth
1/18/13 09:37 PM

You are right, of course. Guilty as charged...

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/18/13 03:48 PM

Yes to Shawni's tip... almost.... :) Put the rinsed and cleaned beans into COLD water (about twice the depth of the beans) and bring it to a boil. Turn the heat off an let stand for one hour. It's called the quick soak method and is on most packages. Tossing this soak water will get rid of most of the enzymes that cause malodorous digestive effects of beans that some people experience. Don't overlook the salt comment. I don't add it until the beans are fully cooked. As for additives, the sky's the limit from aromatics to bacon. Play. They're never bad... We have beans at least once a week and I never plan ahead well enough soak them over night.

How To Cook Beans on the Stove Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/16/13 04:27 PM

"Polka Dots" is the name of a specific pattern consisting of evenly sized, and evenly spaced, alternating rows of filled round circles. Just as all camels are not dromedaries, not all spots are Polka Dots. The Jacobs umbrella and freckled towel wear polka dot patterns. The spotted pillow and spotted jug do not. HST, I am a huge fan of both polka dots AND spots. Either would be delicious in a nursery...

Cheap & Chic: Polka Dots
1/6/13 05:52 AM

$110 for a belt bag. Now, I REALLY need that trust fund... :D

Travel Gifts that People REALLY Want Readers Choice Holiday Gift Guide
12/9/12 10:51 AM