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Gorgeous! Light in the dining room, the couch, the bathroom, etc is all beautiful!

Margaret and Jill's Lovely Elegant Apartment House Tour
4/6/12 03:45 PM

Some of these look good- though some (# 5, 6, and 7) would work if you only own approximately 8 shirts. Hmm...

No Closet, No Problem: 10 Fixes for Apartments with a Lack of Closets Renters Solutions
3/20/12 02:13 PM

Liked the ideas of putting a tapestry/drape down the middle of a couch, and of using stacked books to create interest/levels. However, I thought the white sheet over the TV stand looked pretty bad and sloppy. Either needed to be shorter, or a more drapey fabric, or something. Looks like the painter left it behind.

Stylish Savings: 5 Ways to Improve a Room Without Spending a Dime
3/8/12 01:36 PM

The oven!

The "4 Spots" Rule for Easy Moving Days Renters Solutions
3/7/12 03:53 PM

When I was a freshman in college my picture would have looked similar to the first, with the addition of a huge rug, a microwave, and a bunch of canveses/art supplies. Because that was all the stuff I took with me to my dorm. However, that does not include all the crap I left at my parents, some of which they are still "storing" for me 10 years later.

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 01:20 PM

My grandfather collected lots of these and made them into lights in the 70s and 80s. Nice to see them making a comeback.

Phone It In: Vintage Telegraph Insulators as Decor
3/2/12 10:58 AM

A big wooden spool or kitchen chair found in an alley makes a better looking and sturdier seat. It is cool to think about everywhere these chairs are in the world, but I would rather have something that is not a huge piece of plastic that will soon break or bend and become unusable and go to the landfill. Buying one of these chairs is the complete opposite of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Where the World Sits: Love & Hate for the Monobloc
3/1/12 03:37 PM

Meant to add, our living room is 12' x 14'.

The Growing HDTV Screen Size Trend
2/27/12 11:18 AM

We just "sized up" to a 32" HDTV. We live in a 2 bedroom story-and-a-half house built in 1907. Our house is charming and "dollhouse" like, and the scale is small. We thought about getting a large tv, but I'm glad we went with 32" because it is perfect in our living room. Our furniture is small, the room is small, and would just look ridiculous with a giant tv.

The Growing HDTV Screen Size Trend
2/27/12 11:15 AM

Weather in the 40s is not that cold. But I also get cold easily.

Love these pictures, but the one with the beds up under the eaves is COLD AS HELL! Have you ever been in a place like that when it was cold? There's no insulation, and you are right next to the wall & ceiling. Brr!

My fav is #4!

Cabinspiration: Images to Keep You Warm This Winter
2/14/12 12:32 PM

What I really like about the bull is not that it is a bull, but that it holds both knives AND cookbooks. I can't say I've seen that elsewhere. Anyone seen anything else that does both?

10 Knife Holders: Cool Things to Stab
2/1/12 11:42 AM

I would love to see some really tiny bathrooms. These all seemed pretty big.

Organization Inspiration: 10 Neat & Tidy Bathrooms from Our House Tours
1/31/12 05:23 PM

Mend/tailor clothes. Go through old magazines and tear out the pages of stuff I like (recipes, projects, inspirations, etc.) put in a binder and donate/recycle the rest of the magazine, depending on how much is left.

20 Home Tasks to Get Done During Downtime
1/31/12 04:53 PM

Oh yes, also since our house is a story-and-a-half, the upstairs has those charming slanting ceilings under the eaves. Great, except that means the shower head in the bathroom is only about 5'6", which is pretty awkward for my 6'3" husband.

New House Checklist:
-Find out if husband will fit in shower.

What's on Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/25/12 11:52 AM

We rent a house, and didn't realize how annoying it would be to not have alley access OR a driveway. It is pretty much unheard of in our area to not have one or the other with a single-family house. Not only is it an issue with parking, but also garbage. Garbage pick-up is in the alley, so we have walk our trash all the way around our house and our neighbors house to take it out. Weird.

Ditto on the checking to see if large furniture fits up the stairs. Couldn't fit a box-spring, desk, or sofa up to our second floor. There is a small landing and a turn in the stairs and large stuff that can't bend can't get around that corner.

What's on Your "Next Apartment" Checklist?
1/25/12 11:49 AM

I have brightly colored Fiestaware plates. Has anyone tried any of these methods on colored dinnerware as opposed to white or off white?

Out Darn Scratch: Cleaning Marks Off Dinnerware
1/24/12 10:17 AM