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Moved in December 2011 to a large 1br in the Panhandle, SF. Rent was $2650 -- which was a lot, but there was a lot to love about the neighborhood. The building was horribly managed though, driving us to move out a year later. In January 2013, the apartment was rented for $3250.

In just one year, it went up $600.

Sticker Shock: What's The New Rent On Your Old Apartment?
6/27/13 06:57 PM

This was lovely! A great ode to a particular couch, but also a great ode to upcycling and saving -- rather than the materialistic instinct to replace our things as often as we can afford.

Ode to an Old Plaid Sofa
2/29/12 03:37 PM

I think the flavors here are spot on, but I also had trouble getting mine to bake all the way through. I let them go for 45 minutes and pulled them out still a bit early. I used a standard 9x13 pyrex dish, so I think maybe the recipe needs to be amended. Nonetheless my somewhat gooey brownies were a huge hit! Thanks!

Sweet Recipe: Dark Chocolate Brownies with Raspberry Goat Cheese Swirl
2/29/12 03:01 PM

It'd be great if you could include where to buy it. Wine.com? BevMo? Is it easily available in super markets or will it be hard to find?

Evolution Red, 1st Edition Budget Wine of the Week
2/29/12 02:54 PM