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what about led lighting? im actually in the process of January cure in my kitchen, cleaned the top of the cabinets layered them with wax paper and had a string of leftover blue led xmas string lights.. is it okay to use them on top the cabinets? also is it okay to cover them with wax paper so that don't get that awful gunk all over them or do you guys think it would be a hazard? i read somewhere they burn cool and only at 7.5 watts, i had a bunch of eclectic stuff on there but i don't want it up there anymore. i have cleaned and polished my clear glass vases which i think reflects light well. it looks very cool, i just don't want to burn the house down. LOL..Thanks!

Question: That Weird Space Above the Kitchen Cabinet

1/16/13 03:03 PM

that couch is amazing... the wooden light fixture in the dining room is pretty awesome too. LOL but yes it does transport me to the 80's.. thats where i grew up. Can't wait to see the redo.

Introducing The World's Ugliest Condo Renovation Diary
3/10/12 03:48 PM

what about navy blue for the walls? green and blue are compliment colors with enough variation between them to not look too matchy. im sorry when you say chocolate brown with the forest green floor i think of trees. if that's what your going for awesome :D What about slate gray? I like the structure of the walls and fixtures in your bathroom they have style you could do alot with them. Good Luck!

Good Questions: Should I Paint My Bathroom Wall Chocolate Brown?
11/19/11 08:36 AM