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try Beacon Hill Damask. It is a great neutral color from the Historical Benjamin Moore line. It is a great standard. a little green a little cream, a touch yellow. It changes in different lights.

have fun.

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5/20/08 01:41 PM


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Hi Heather!

Living in Humboldt Park in Chicago is a wonderful place to be. I love it, and so does Oscar, our doggie. I guess the layout of the park was an inspiration for The Wizard of Oz. There are many lagoons, and ponds, winding gravel paths, bridges, and stone water hops. Also, if you dont know about it, there is a "Rose Garden," which is amazingly planted every year. Last year, they planted artichoke plants. One year, it was all spices. It is a great mix of nationalities, as Humboldt Park, the neighborhood has morphed over the years. Tennis courts, and baseball diamonds, and an off the record dog group.

It is spring, so enjoy!

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5/13/08 12:24 PM

Go to Komoda on Chicago Ave (2559 W. Chicago, at Rockwell, near Black Beetle.)


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