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Ha, never did I think I'd see a GZA poster on Apartment Therapy. Keep that poster, but add a couple others, especially the Fishscale or Bobby Digital poster.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Multi-Purpose Room
4/7/08 06:35 PM

What about the Corbusier LC5? Paradigm Gallery has one here:


Big sale too

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Day/Sofa Bed ?
11/29/07 03:53 PM

How does a company get into the store reviews?

July Links Drive: Let's Lift One Another Up
7/2/07 04:18 PM

Love the design but I agree, sticky situations ahead.

Maarten van Severen's LCP: Low Chair Plastic
7/2/07 10:39 AM

Well, reproductions need to be different slightly to get by licensing restrictions. But, companies like Alphaville and many other Chinese manufacturers do produce very strong reproductions that have great quality and attention to detail. I understand your skepticism, but you'll find good luck at these retailers:

1) Paradigm Gallery (www.pgmod.com)
- wide variety
- No hassle free returns
- their current sale lets you negotiate your price...

2) Sleek Spaces (www.sleekspaces.com)
- 10% off
- Free Shipping
- Ok customer service IMO, but some people have had issues

3) Furniture Loft (www.furnitureloft.com)
-kinda pricey

In other news, because I feel like venting....

While this may not be the best arena to support reproductions, it's a continued arena that consumers will probe. Frankly, designers and companies like Knoll and Cassina have already been well paid and they certainly deserve those royalties.

However, these companies are also putting retailers in a horrible position of going out of business. Get real, 3800 for a Barcelona chair? While there always needs to be a high end in any industry, furniture high end caters to such a small percentage of the market that organizations like DWR will not always be able to continue as is.

The licensing companies have suggested pricing for all retailers and with no flexability on promotions, consumers are often left craving. Reproductions solve this problem and frankly, licensing companies DESERVE a continued loss because they are putting design ahead of business sense.

Luxury auto manufacturers have learned their lesson. Almost all of them now have an "entry" level luxury vehicle. You can neglect such a huge percentage of a market and basically sacrifice your dealers.

Why do you think DWR has such a hard time making a profit.

I support young designers but many of us are stuck in the modern classics rut. Young designers don't sell though when so many people are stuck on 50 year old designs.

Good Questions: Insight on Reproductions of Design Classics?
6/14/07 08:21 PM

I like the Leggero as well, plus the Ludlow and Worth Bed as well, link below:


Good Questions: Which Bed Should My Fiance & I Get?
6/7/07 05:19 PM

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. No wonder why DWR can't make a profit...or did they just do that for Q1. Sure, it looks cool, but how many LOYAL DWR consumers are going to strap this to their Prius, or Jags, or whatever DWR customers drive these days and hit the country.

It's like, "let's pull whatever we can from 50 years ago and see if it can work". Might as well sell a Curtis Mathis TV soon with stainless steel legs, and knobs.


Design Within Reach: Airstream
6/4/07 09:09 AM

No way, looks wormy. The texture really grosses me out.

Organic Bowl
6/1/07 11:17 AM

I also think that the Noguchi and Barcelona tables would work out really well in this space. I have a Noguchi table with a similar section and the contrast does work in a geometric layout. Have you ever thought of using an ottoman as a coffee table?

Some other suggestions:


http://www.pgmod.com/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=316 (Somewhat too low, but works)


http://www.pgmod.com/product_info.php?cPath=26&products_id=263 (ottoman/table)

Good Questions: What's the Right Coffee Table for this Room?#comments
5/29/07 08:29 PM

You can find this at Paradigm Gallery. It's $495 shipped to your door and in white or black.


Good Questions: Where Can I Find This Lamp?
5/21/07 04:55 PM