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I'm so excited to take this journey with you! I am currently saving to renovate my 750 sq. ft. apartment so I will be taking detailed notes on working within your $30K budget. Based on my estimates as well as the cost of labor, I was expecting to spend that amount just on my kitchen reno - AND it's a small galley kitchen! So it's very self serving when I say I hope you're able to stick with the budget. Good luck!

The World's Ugliest Condo: Scope of Work & Budget Renovation Diary
3/14/12 01:51 PM

Did anyone find out yet where that sofa is from? I NEED that sofa in my life.

Hang Curtains without Drilling into Rental Walls?
Good Questions

12/9/11 10:22 AM

Can I take them home with me? Can I? Can I? They're SOOO cute!

Vladimir Kagan: Mid-Century Design Icon

11/17/11 02:09 PM