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once again European Design rules and quickly we get SUCKED into it.
Did you know that when you want to go cheap you buy a Miele in Holland. Its true.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Products: Miele Vacuums
5/27/08 07:49 PM

engineered wood is a fancy name for junk wood.
its made primarily of plywood with a thin layer 1/8" of hardwood.

if you live in a co-op/condo that's a big risk with wood floor. Insurance, neighbors below etc.. In a house like yours, depends what is below.
do waterproofing below the finished surface with Laticrete and a membrane. do it right.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Hardwood Floors in the Bathroom?
4/30/08 05:11 AM

i don't understand the hype for this space, am I crazy of what?
nothing is cohesive, objects and stuff put together or wherever it fits.
but great for kids room.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #23: The S.S. Waverly
4/29/08 06:34 PM

There is no fantasy in it for such a large place.
No risk in design, just magazine knock offs.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #36: Colleen's Petite Pad
4/28/08 05:02 AM

? how did they get past the bldg. codes?
If this is an experiment? what about global warming issues?

When did living on and around unsettling forms/colors become a way to extend your life., such BS. Maybe my toddler would love it.

Since when did architects take the place of nature or God?
I rather die naturally.

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4/9/08 04:16 PM

HEY I have been there. it always looks great.


Apartment Therapy New York | Modernlink Duplex Loft NYT 4.6.08
4/7/08 07:06 PM

the extremely large windows( bright) plays a big role in making the colors look great. It's good the architect saw that and not make this place super sterile and white.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Space Solutions From an Architect's Tiny Loft Marie Claire Maison
4/7/08 06:42 PM

Hi PDX Gal,

The counter is not a tile but a print that we made ourselves
but the stove is Delonghi.
It truly is a great range.
The fridge and freezer are from Summit.

Good luck.


Apartment Therapy New York | West Village Modern On the CheapNYT House Home Roundup 3.20.08
4/5/08 07:23 AM

Suchitra and I are simply excited to have this article in the NYTimes and to see that it got posted on AT as well. It is nice to see how many people have taken the time to write a – mostly positive – response.

Thank you!

However, I am not used to this kind of exposure and feel the need to answer/clarify a few things.

Yes, the apartment is small but it works for us... right now.
We don't think it will be a solution forever. Until then we very much enjoy it as well as the location.
We were VERY lucky to find something here that we could afford.

My father is far from hugely wealthy and that makes his generous gift even more special. All parents get along well.

The expenses/gifts show that it takes some creativity and support to have what we have now, even with a small budget. Hence the title of the article.

Most of our furniture/things are either made by Suchitra, found, hand-me-downs or bartered. The sofa and cabinet doors were bought.
The chairs are inherited from my grand father.
The artwork are oil paintings made by Suchitra's father.
All cabinets are made by Suchitra.
The sling is an antique from India given to us.

We have no off-site storage... yet (not taking gift really helps). Suchitra has a small work studio where we keep books.

The refrigerator and freezer are under the small counter.

Of course the place was cleaned up for the photo.
Anyone with a baby knows that life isn't like that : )

Check out Suchitra's website for a picture of the bathroom

Nette Gaastra

Apartment Therapy New York | West Village Modern On the CheapNYT House Home Roundup 3.20.08
3/20/08 04:41 PM