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I think many who posted here may have misread the opening paragraph. I shall quote, "So you've been invited to a party with a host or hostess you aren't especially familiar with."
With that said, of course none of the aforementioned items would work for your Dad; if you’re thinking of gifts for him, hopefully you're familiar with him. And of course not every gift works for every person but that's why there are 10 items on the list.

I agree that a gift from the heart DOES show you know the person but what about the host gift that it's polite to bring when you DON'T know the person well? (Please refer to second sentence.)

Why would movie passes be bad? Many of the best movies come out this time of year when folks are strapped for cash. Or popcorn and comfy socks? So they can stay in and relax after having a crew of scrooges over for a holiday party. To the person who said these weren’t generic enough, what could be more generic than #9? “Homemade.” Finally, if you don't like these ideas, mention your own and help the conversation rather than chastising the creator for theirs. Host gifts are truly a case of “it’s the thought that counts” and it's a simple matter of how much thought you want to put into it. It’s far too early in the holiday season to read from such naysayers.

My idea: chocolate covered bacon. And before you say it, you’re right, the diabetic, vegetarian, lactose intolerant chocolate hater among us might not like it…but done right, everyone else will.

10 Gifts Anyone Can Use
11/15/11 06:59 PM