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our door is basically in a corner with a radiator and window the full length of the wall next to it. So, we put the back of the sofa about 3 feet from the radiator and put a shoe cabinet perpendicular to the radiator and door. this creates a long narrow space to the right of the front door to stash the stroller, shoes, bags, etc. When entertaining, it also creates an area for people to go into to take off their coats if the rest of the small living room is crowded with people. I also put a slab of marble on top of part of the radiator to create a shelf and use baskets on top to stash winter gear and dog supplies. I essentially created a little foyer with the back of my couch. The coats are hung behind the door.

Renters Solutions: 5 Tips for Dealing with a No-Entryway Entryway
4/28/14 01:58 PM

Even though we have two, small, nonshedding dogs, my compromise with my husband in order to have them was they are not allowed upstairs or in the bedrooms at all. (these are also the only areas with carpet) We rarely spend much time there other than dressing and sleeping so it isn't a big deal. Since we keep the bedroom doors closed to keep the dogs out, the cat is kept out by default which is fine with me as it means no cat hair on the bed. It does mean though that the rooms can get stuffy.

Once our baby is older, I suspect we will use baby gates on the stairs and be able to keep the bedroom doors open.

The dogs are also not allowed on the couch/arm chairs unless they are on our laps. I like that this means they don't jump up uninvited and scare/annoy guests. The cat rarely curls up on the couch or chairs, preferring her bed on the radiator in front of the window.

We try to keep the dogs out of the kitchen when we're cooking mainly just to keep them out from underfoot.

Keep Out: Pet-free Zones at Home?
3/13/14 11:08 AM

We used one to collect our spare change.

Maybe, with the top portion cut off and the outside painted or otherwise covered, they could be planters or storage bins in the basement/garage/outside. You could even turn them on their side and somehow attach them together like a hive to form shelves. They could also hold birdseed or dog food or something if you were able to lift to tilt it when full.

I wonder if it would be sturdy enough to hold an outdoor umbrella or tiki torches if filled with sand or pebbles.

How To Reuse Large Water Containers? Good Questions
2/21/14 07:55 AM

I love how different babies are.

The A&A blankets were the only swaddle type device my baby could not break out of when he was under 2 months. The specially designed swaddle wrap type things were all too big and other blankets were too thick.

I have hardly used a carrier because he falls asleep in the car whenever we go anywhere so it is easier for me to transfer him asleep in his car seat to a click n go stroller than wake him to put him in a carrier. I am also very short so putting the car seat in a shopping cart means I can't see over it to drive the cart.

He also absolutely loved his swing device but, I agree that the bouncer seat is not necessary, especially if your swing can also vibrate.

I love the changing table (well dresser with changer on top) not so much for diapers but for dressing in the morning and before bed. I'm too short to dress a baby in the crib.

I never could have co slept with this baby as he would have kept us both awake with all the little noises he made and all the movement even when swaddled. We just took turns sleeping on the couch with him in a bassinet next to us (bottle fed).

And burb cloths - not the specialty ones (complete waste of money) but the cloth diaper type - are an absolute lifesaver for our baby that spit up constantly and now drools all the time.

I would also recommend a dimmer bulb/switch in the nursery since it is easier to use that right by the entry than fumble for a table lamp across the room.

Regarding a monitor - at night, in our tiny house we found that the monitor was just too loud (even on low) and picked up every little sound and we could hear him just as well down the hall without it. We do use it for nap time though if we are downstairs or outside.

And yes, baby bathtub is a waste. We used a little chair thing in the sink when he was really young and then just took him in the shower with one of us and handed him out to the other person when he was done. It got him used to water in his face early and now he doesn't mind it at all.

Lauren's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/20/14 10:09 AM

A family member redid her kitchen completely custom with an outrageous "budget" and at least two designers. They thought of everything based on how she cooks and entertains...except for a spot for a trash can. Literally every cabinet and all wall space is taken so they have this beautiful custom kitchen with a plastic trash can on wheels floating in it. Inexcusable in my opinion.

Along the same lines, the previous owners of my house redid the kitchen and the only space for a trash can is way on the other side from the sink and prep area and in the line of sight from the front door or directly in front of the radiator...which make it stink super fast in cold weather. There isn't even space under the sink due to the layout of the pipes, etc.

Tell Us: What's Your Biggest Kitchen Design Mistake?
12/10/13 12:52 PM

I'd love to know more about the print above the crib. so cute!

Small Space Style: Baby Bristow's Closet Nursery My Room
11/18/13 11:46 AM

I'm confused, if you needed storage, why not install a standard closed sink cabinet and a medicine cabinet instead of that tiny nook?
I would think any medium depth open metal and glass shelves/shelving unit hung above the toilet would be fine. Maybe with curved supports to match the round mirror. Put a large basket wiith a lid under the sink or some sort of stand alone drawer unit.

Creative Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathroom? Good Questions
10/16/13 08:16 AM

my tub is way too narrow for one of these sticking out. I use a $1 "delicates" laundry bag and a strong suction cup hook. works great

Bath Toy Bin by OXO Family Find
10/15/13 10:19 AM

Anyone have a recommendation for a ~6 compartment feeder? I bought one with a snap on lid that used two pretty hefty clips to keep the lid in place (I couldn’t undo them!) that my (incredibly lazy) cat figured out in 5 minutes. She has gotten into the plastic bin we keep the food in as well so I’m afraid she’d tip and break into the gravity type.

Why You Should Consider An Automated Pet Feeder
10/9/13 12:27 PM

on the back wall, could you hang a small drop down table (like IKEA Norbo but probably DIY) that could even sit on the edge of the sink counter, if necessary, for prep?

How Can I Make This Tiny Kitchen Functional? Good Questions
8/26/13 11:52 AM

I have an extremely narrow cabinet and I use this for spices and medicines. You could easily hang several next to each other and you can position the "clips" however you need. They even work with small square shapped bottles. Also, you can just affix the clips to the cabinet door as well.


Small-Space Spice System Suggestions? Good Questions
7/9/13 02:31 PM

I wasn't completely happy with Word's Best so I switched to Blue Buffalo and the odor control is absolutely amazing - even right up next to it, I can't smell a thing - and it clumps wonderfully. My cat doesn't scatter it nearly as much as she did with Word's Best so I think it might be softer underfoot.

Ideal Kitty Litter for Apartment Dwellers? Good Questions
5/2/13 12:08 PM

Under the bed or behind/under the couch? coat closet? back/side/bottom of clothes closet? if you have stackable washer/dryer, could anything squeeze next to that? I used to store my broom between the fridge and the wall.

Ideas for Storing Tall Items Like Ladder, Broom & Ironing Board? Good Questions
4/30/13 02:23 PM

for free, i can use a paper grocery store bag for the same purpose...

Old News Stylish Holder for Old Newspapers | Apartment Therapy San Francisco#comments#comments#comments
12/16/09 01:52 PM

i remember making these as a kid with a large coffee-can (cut with a no sharp edge can opener) and wax paper I think. I believed we used a rubber band to secure it but a zip tie might be better.

Have You Seen A Drum Like This? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh#comments#comments#comments
12/10/09 01:47 PM

i think they might be oxo

7 Uses for the Inside of Your Doors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/9/09 03:10 PM

caban.com goes to Club Monaco...seems they once sold them?

Apartment Therapy DC | Finding Romeo and Juliet Sheets? Good Questions
9/17/09 07:44 PM

When you make the gown(s) for the children, it seems you may still have a lot of fabric remaining. Why not make a decorative pillow or two for the master bedroom or a coverlet for the bed?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How Can I Clean and Reuse My Wedding Dress? Good Question
9/17/09 10:46 AM

Could you use them like fabric scraps and make pillow covers, place mats, etc. out of them?

Apartment Therapy New York | Display and Store a Necktie Collection? Good Questions
9/17/09 10:37 AM

It is $10 for the COVER; you still have to buy the 3 cushions...

Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh | More IKEA Catalog New Tween Finds
9/15/09 10:59 AM