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I didn't want to rely on any service again so i purchased Fever, put it on my web server and boom! I have a reader all to myself.

What Will Replace My Google Reader?
3/14/13 03:31 PM

This is my favorite brewer, my favorite beer is World Wide Stout form Dogfish
enjoy everyone!

Beer Review: Burton Baton from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Beer Sessions
2/21/13 05:07 PM

thank you for telling me about the RSS problem, There could have been a change that I never would a saw this amazing post!

Super-Bowl Recipe: Bacon-Cheddar Twice-Baked Potatoes
1/26/12 01:21 PM

Apparently some people don't know what bone china is. This is amazing.

Win This Pantone Universe Bone China Mug Set from PopDeluxe!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/16/11 03:45 PM

$140?? that's crazy, but supper fun to have.

Win This Trash Me Lamp from Switch Modern!
Holiday Giveaway 2011

12/13/11 12:44 PM

We got ride of ours because our cats (2) would always knock it over. :)

Why We Nixed Our Home Office Trash Can
12/2/11 05:22 PM

I don't know if this will really fit into this category but I purchased the new Jawbone Up and through its iPhone app you can set an alarm time to be woke up by. The divice tries to wake you up when you are in a light sleep cycle (already slightly moving). What the best part is that it vibrates to wake you up. No more annoying tones. Hope this helps.

Never Snooze or Lose: Best Alarm Clock Apps
Weekly App Roundup

11/15/11 01:21 AM