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That's awesome! I don't have a Sodastream--The Boy and I have (and love) a Twist 'n Sparkle. If anybody can recommend a cheap option for those little CO2 refills, I'm all ears!

I made strawberry basil wine last summer, and it should be ready for drinking soon! MAYHEM!

Homemade Strawberry Basil Wine, or, Ruh Roh I'm Getting You Trashed Again

Bad Mama Genny

Drink Recipe: Strawberry Basil Soda Recipes from The Kitchn
4/13/12 07:39 PM

Well in the spirit of shameless self-promotion and SLOW COOKER BADASSERY AW HELLZ YES here are my favorites among the slow-cooker standbys that I've posted to my blog:

Smoky Slow Cooker Turkey and Bean Soup, or, A Crockpot Is Exactly Like a Vagina Hold On Hear Me Out On This

Smoky Slow-Cooker Cuban Black Bean Soup, or, Bad Mama Genny Will Force You To Have Free Birth Control and a Steak

Slow-Cooker Granola A Jillion Different Ways, or, I Didn’t Intend for this Post to Be About Drug Paraphernalia, But I Stand By It Nevertheless

Slow Cooker Lavender Beef Stew, or, Gather Round, Children, and I Shall Tell Tale of Big, Gay Muffin Cat

Slow Cooker “Get-Outta-Gym” Minestrone Soup, or, The Glamorous and Popular (HAHAHA) Childhood of Bad Mama Genny

Bad Mama Genny

15 Splendid Meals from the Slow Cooker Recipe Roundup
4/9/12 08:29 PM

Crunchy-Hot Thai Chickpea Snack is awesome for a snack bowl, and it's also good just to have around in a big ol' mason jar for weekday nomming. I mean, it's another way to use Sriracha, and you basically can't say no to that. Ever. It's actually written into the contract the devil makes with your soul the first time you ever taste Sriracha. Plus, high protein, high fiber! Whooo, frggin' fiber!

Bad Mama Genny

Snacks, Bites & Delicious Nibbles: 15 Fabulous AppetizersRecipe Roundup
4/2/12 07:45 PM

Ha--whenever we make the journey from Chicago to Milwaukee or Madison, cheese curds are a MUST. And for anybody on the fence, just go ahead and buy the rennet--you can always make more cheese. In fact, we must all be on the same cheesy wavelength, because I posted my own recipe for Farmhouse Cheddar (ready after only a month of aging) on my blog last week:

Homemade Farmhouse Cheddar, or, I May Have a Cheese Product Related Contact High

The curds are sometimes a little too fresh for me (I'm lactose intolerant), but aged cheeses are pretty digestible.

Bad Mama Genny

Lunch Snack Idea: Homemade Squeaky Cheese Curds
3/13/12 10:59 AM

Um, ohmigosh, but you totally did NOT cover the breakfast pizza!

Breakfast Pizzas, OR, Pepperoni Cigarettes, Now THERE’s an Idea!

Bad Mama Genny

15 Ways To Eat an Egg For Breakfast
3/7/12 08:50 PM

Hmm, well, my most requested recipe of last year could knock off about half of those:

Most Requested Recipe of the Year: BMG’s Caprese Pasta Salad, or, I’m Just Like the Red Cross, But Better

Hope that helps!
Bad Mama Genny

Ideas for Two Pounds of Cherry Tomatoes?Ingredient Questions
3/7/12 08:45 PM

Well, I'd use it in my homemade dairy-free coconut Irish Cream, and just cut down on the sugar I call for, but I'm a lush. Do with that information what you will!

Bad Mama Genny

What Can I Do with Cream of Coconut?
Ingredient Questions

2/7/12 06:06 PM

I'm a big glass fan, and I don't microwave either way, BUT it's important to know that most home-canning jar lids contain BPA! In fact, I've only found one company out there that makes BPA free canning lids, and when I discovered them I bought a whole ton so I'd be set for a few seasons (if anyone else is interested in this, there's a link in the right sidebar of my blog).

Generally not a steel fan--for looks, feel, and the fact that you can't see into them. I also think they can impart a flavor to the food, depending on the container. Glass all the way, baby!

Bad Mama Genny

Plastic-Free Containers: Steel vs. Glass
2/2/12 06:23 PM

A countertop is WAY better! Reheated food just tastes better on a stove or in the oven. A new study just came out about microwaves, too--plants that were given water that had been microwaved and cooled, didn't make it, implying that there is some kind of detrimental permanent change that happens to the food, not just the people standing around the micro while it's in operation.

But like I said, I just don't think the microwave is effective at heating food appetizingly. (WHAT ON EARTH is up with what it does to bread, hmmmMMM?)

But more counter space--dude, that thought alone is downright sexy.

Bad Mama Genny

Which is Better... A Microwave or More Countertop Space?
1/25/12 11:11 AM

Good question, and one I'm addressing this week! I just used some extra hot pepper jelly (Sweet and Hot Pepper Jelly, or, Questionable Parenting Advice, or, NO SEX PLAY) to glaze some chicken, but I could see stirring it into soups, mixing it with cream cheese, or bringing it to tons of potlucks along with a log of goat cheese and some fancy crackers.

I also have a ton of corn and pepper relish which I'm mixing with black beans this week and spreading between corn tortillas along with some cheese to melt down into OMFG quesadillas.

And, as usual, I made far too much Pink Applesauce (Sugar-Free Pink Applesauce, or, I Have No Impulse Control and It’s Fun!), but that's an easy one. Aside from throwing it into practically every quickbread and cake recipe known to man to cut down on oil/sugar, I like to just eat it with meat or yogurt or oatmeal or whatnot. Plus, I just invented a recipe for Applesauce Dressing (Applesauce Dressing, or, Apparently my Status as a T-rex Concerns No One) to use it up even faster.

Hope that helps!
Bad Mama Genny

Canning Overload: What to Do With Your Canning Surplus
1/24/12 07:16 PM

I did this to my Applesauce Dressing (Applesauce Dressing, or, Apparently My Status as a T-rex Concerns No One) to thin it out for use the next day, and I was really happy with the results! I think it can depend on what you're using it for, but if you're at all concerned about the dressing overpowering the delicate flavors in your salad, it's a great technique. And some dressings call for juice, which is comparable in effect to adding sugar and water, so why the frick not?

Bad Mama Genny

What Do You Know About Adding Water to Vinaigrette?
1/19/12 02:44 PM

Congrats, and nice job!

Bad Mama Genny

Welcome to The Kitchn 3.0!
1/9/12 04:19 PM

I throw out very little food as it is, but a guilt-ridden Catholic upbringing or an overscrupulous sense of foodie morality causes me to feel excruciatingly guilty about the little bits and pieces that do get tossed. So this year, as always, I vow to work on this. Salad greens are a huge offender here, so a recent post (I believe on this site) that talked up sauteeing elderly lettuce is already helping me out. (Tossed it with a little sesame oil, balsamic, and salt and pepper last night.)

Bad Mama Genny

A New Year in the Kitchen: Kitchen Aspirations for 2012?
1/3/12 05:32 PM

Ooh, nice! I love me a sophisticated salad when I'm dining out, but despite my culinary adventurousness in most other areas, I only *make* a sophisticated salad, say, twice a year. Does this mean I'm not grown up? Meh, probably.

It's delightful food porn, though.

Bad Mama Geny

Refreshingly Sophisticated Salads
1/3/12 05:29 PM

I really like The Boy's Green Smoothie, which actually does use an apple and tastes pretty good--it also makes use of nuts, as you suggest.

Another nice tip to remember is that smoothies aren't just about fruit--as in the recipe I've linked to, many can benefit from winter greens, like a little chopped kale, spinach, or even a handful of frozen peas--nice and starchy, they get super creamy! The flavor they impart is often delicate enough that the fruit remains dominant, and it's a nice boost of vitamins.

Bad Mama Genny

Tips for Making Better Smoothies in the Dead of Winter
1/3/12 03:49 PM

I love a good minestrone, but usually lean on the beefy side (as opposed to poultry), but I'll have to try it with chicken sometime soon. Shortly before Christmas I made a minestrone in the slow cooker and it couldn't have been easier.

Slow Cooker "Get Outta Gym" Minestrone Soup, or, The Glamorous and Popular (HAHAHAHA) Childhood of Bad Mama Genny

Bad Mama Genny

Recipe: Hearty Chicken Minestrone
1/3/12 01:58 PM

Oh, man, that farro salad looks killer (count on me to pick the carb-y option). And I love a classic wedge salad with ohmygodbacon. This post also reminds me of My Strawberry Scallop Salad/Post on the Rules for Serving Salad to Men.

Bad Mama Genny

15 Seriously Satisfying Salads
Best of 2011

12/28/11 07:49 PM

I have a grease-sensitive stomach, so I totally hear this. Here are a few ideas:

Multigrain Wasa Crackers
Cherry tomatoes
Whole, raw almonds
Coconut Water
Emergen-C packets
Ginger chews (great for indigestion and overfull feelings)

If you have access to a mini-fridge:
Hard-boiled eggs
Cheese sticks
Baby carrots

Notice that most of this is high protein and low-carb--eating out will result in carb overload no matter what you do. That can result in bloating and ick.

The avocado is fabulous smashed onto the Wasa Crackers--good for any meal of the day.

Both the bananas and the avocados are high in potassium, which will help to flush out extra water that you may be retaining from all the junk.

When Ordering Out:
*Try to avoid high-dairy and high-acid/ nightshade foods (tomatoes, peppers), because they can compound any heartburn issues caused by grease.
*Breakfast: Even the greasiest of diners can usually provide you with poached eggs and oatmeal--no danger there.
*Of the major chains, Wendy's seems to have the most healthy options--think, a plain potato, a side salad, and a yogurt. Not fascinating, but it works. If The Golden Arches is your only option come 1 AM, order a plain hamburger--you know, like the kind that come in happy meals. Mysterious and alarming, but relatively low-cal and low grease.
*Skip soft drinks and coffees--you'll need water, and more of it than usual.
*If you're ordering a sandwich, take off the top slice of bread and eat it open-face. Fewer calories, but more to the point, you're less likely to feel stuffed and bloated.

I hope all that helps!
Bad Mama Genny

Help Me Maintain a Healthier Diet During the Holidays
Good Questions

12/26/11 07:06 PM

Yum! Am bookmarking the vegetarian steamed buns and baked mushroom risotto!

My favorite go-to vegetarian main is still kitchari. So comforting, easy to digest (unlike so many vegetarian meals) and supremely flavorful.

Bad Mama Genny

Meatless Meals: 15 Hearty Vegetarian Recipes
Best of 2011

12/23/11 11:46 AM

Love the roundup posts! I always catch something awesome I've previously missed. Though I've not tried the recipe myself, another blogger recently did a Chive and Cheese Biscuits recipe that looks good, too.

My style is a combination method--no-knead breads, that use sourdough starter, that take 5 minutes to mix together, age overnight, and then get tossed into the oven when needed. Wild yeast, very little hands-on time, better gluten could you go wrong?

Basic, No-Knead Sourdough Loaf

100% Honey Nut Whole Wheat Sourdough

Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Sourdough

Pumpkin Sunflower Seed Sourdough Loaf

Hope one of those can help someone out of a holiday bind! Or you know, induce the carb coma that will cause her to no longer care that she's in a holiday bind. Either one, really. #AllAboutTheDenial

Bad Mama Genny

No Time to Bake? 23 Homemade Breads to Fit Any Schedule
12/12/11 11:36 AM