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This looked really familiar, so I did a little sleuthing...

The designers, Busk Hertzog, also do work for Danish company Softline (Softline.dk), available in Canada from the likes of Kit (kitinteriorobjects.com).

The Nevada they designed for Softline is similar to this. I'm considering it because the quality/comfort appears to be excellent for the price (ie. why buy several sleeper-sofas over a lifetime when I can save up and buy one, once?). The foam is solid/firm without being hard, and the modular units have that heavy/quality feel. The only downside I've seen is that they're not slip-covered for easy cleaning, but the quality of the fabric range looks pretty durable.

Hope this helps!

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6/2/10 04:23 PM

How clever! Makes me love my C30 even more--
Also love the pool-sized cocktail on the side table!!

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2/10/09 08:39 PM

Better than automatic because it doesn't cost anything--both of us lower the seat and/or the lid after every use...

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2/5/09 07:45 PM

And to add to Robert's comment, you may find the molded plastic version offered by Herman Miller more comfortable than the fiberglass--they have a lot more "give," which in my opinion, makes them considerably more comfortable for short or long "sits."

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5/29/08 07:55 AM

one concern i have with any new mattress is the off-gassing coming from the various materials used for manufacturing (and the fire-retardant sprays)... what's been your experience so far?

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