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Theoj has it right. I lived in the Tenderloin for a few years a while ago. I'm white but not rich. People would smoke crack and sell it on the hood of their car below my window in the middle of the day. The dealers would actually count their piles of cash on the hood of their car.
I used to watch little asian kids walk to school in groups while this was all going on in front of them (not to mention the prostitutes). I called the police all the time to report this kind of stuff and not one police car ever showed.... no cop car even driving by to check out the situation.
I'm sure if the same scenario occured in Pacific Heights the cops would be on the scene in minutes.
I live in LA now and while the cops have issues down here at least they have the nerve to show up when called.

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5/6/08 07:53 AM

it puts the lotion on.

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