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chalkboard on the cupboard
wonderful idea!!

20 Small Kitchens with Style Inspiration Roundup
4/6/12 06:06 AM

great combo of green and wood inthe small kitchen area

Vote: New Entries for Wednesday 4.4.12 Small Cool Contest
4/5/12 05:52 AM

that's a great idea..
have to come up with a good art to hang up in my aprtment
I think our small bedroom would be a great candidate.

Big Art in Small Spaces Inspiration Roundup
4/5/12 05:42 AM

What a cool space!!!
i wish i could move in and illustrate there all day!!

A Creative Collective In Atwater Village Workspace Tour
4/5/12 05:35 AM

I just LOVE the new coll colors. its looks bery soothing

Before & After: Joanne's Warm to Cool Living Room Transformation
3/5/12 09:02 AM

I've always dreamed of having this kind of a window. where i live its not accustomed to build these style of windows. but surely in the far future, when i build my dream house, i'll have a window like that. :)

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11/13/11 09:34 AM