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I just moved into a one bedroom apartment that has this funny living room . It is not square, or oblong.. but there are 5 walls.. and 2 openings.. and a fireplace ...I can't for the life of me figure out how to put my furniture... I know that in the Winter time I will have to move it around once more. So I can use my fireplace, as the sofa is in front of it..

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7/26/14 09:49 PM

I always thought if there were no Closets then it was not thought of as a Bedroom??? that is how the Housing Authority thinks anyways.. A Window to make it a room??? hum

One time I lived in this 4 bedroom Mobile Home which was next to Buffalo Bills in Primm,Nevada. There were hundreds of them there for the single workers. I took the closet doors off my closet and put my bed in there. It made a lot more room for other things... in that very tiny bedroom...

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7/13/14 11:12 PM

The first shot of the Chair and the painting above it.. It is so not right.... It should be turned sideways.. so the color Yellow is on top and the Pink is on the bottom.. It would make it look better.. The way it is right now it makes my eyes go wonky.... But other than that .. This place is nicely set up..

A 200 Square Foot Micro Studio With Style Professional Project
7/13/14 07:04 PM

When I lived in Seattle's Pike Place Market .. Post Alley was what I had to deal with. And it was horrible, with the Trash Trucks coming in from 5 AM to 10 PM backing up with those back up sounds.. BEEP,BEEP...BEEP. We were not suppose to have window ac's but I got one and used it in both the bedroom and living room. I put it on a wheeled cart and wheeled it back and forth... I also bought a white noise machine. I must say.. I never got use to the noise.. drunks yelling on the weekends, parties happening all the time, trash trucks.. lol.. fights ... cops coming around yelling.. So I moved, But I really do miss it all..

Sound Proofing an Apartment from Street Noise?
Good Questions

6/23/14 01:36 PM

this made me laugh and at the end.. made me cry.. I am trudging on with filling my apartment with found objects, and given objects, since that is the only way I have to do it right now.

Dream a Little Dream: Our Tenth Anniversary Film
6/2/14 05:41 PM

I also have a Roku Streaming Device, but have yet to buy Netflix or Hulu. I am one of those that only have a very tiny social security check coming in. I have just called to cancel the extra money I pay for the extra text and talk on the Assurance cell phone I have. And only using what they give me for free.. 250 free talk and text. I have also stopped paying the Microsoft bill .. goodness why did I ever think I needed that? Since I do use excel only for my budget. And nothing else. I cut the cable cord,,, which I a so happy about.

But what is the most expensive to pay in Spokane is the Electric. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment and have a fireplace. I was afraid to use it but looks like I will be using it to save on the electric bill.. I did apply for help with the electric and still have not heard back from them. I know I qualified,, just don't know how much they will allot me. So I have pared down to almost nothing... just to survive living in this City.

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5/7/14 02:48 PM

WOW!!!!! What a transformation... Amazing.. Love this ....You Did Good....LOL...

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3/24/14 10:13 AM

OH.. My.. Love your little place.. so cute.. Your Sofa is so cute... I am amazed how you have arranged everything. So neat.... love it all..

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3/23/14 04:18 PM

I know this was written 4 years ago.. but good grief.. Than if you don't want to do as instructed,, then don't buy a Cast Iron Skillet.. You don't have to season it EVERY TIME...But using hot water and salt and a good scrubber will take care of it all... .

How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn
2/6/14 04:39 PM

Where was their Bathroom?? Instead of taking close up shots of items that don't matter.. The Photographer should have taken a few shots of their bathroom.. That is one room that needs to be shown.. I think there was only one.. the shower curtain !! of all things...

I of course am a dog lover.. and this little guy is the cutest...

Bianca & Craig's Moody Glam Apartment House Tour
1/27/14 02:00 PM

I Love the Floors.. Where is the bed? is it the Sofa? does it turn out into a bed? I also love the framed Pictures..Its also very light and airy...

A Single Man's Small São Paulo Apartment Professional Project
1/26/14 04:48 PM

chellyt84.. no, if you take a look,, they added something around the windows.. what is that called?? I am having a memory fault.. anyways.. that is why it looks like they moved the windows.. due to the railing around the windows..

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12/19/13 12:01 PM

OH.. I love the color... It really makes the room....

Before & After: From Dark and Dated to a Daring Dyed Sofa
12/19/13 12:29 AM

OMG... Winning these for me would be like winning the Lottery...

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12/18/13 09:16 PM

OMG!!!OMG!!! I Love this House.. Love, Love,Love...... Ya know the Drapes ...Pink with Black Dots don't even Clash with that Beautiful Rug... Wow.. I loved it.. Only like everyone else.. There are not enough photos.... This one goes to the Top of Everything...

Joannes & Ihor's Happy \"Pied-a-terre\" in the Hollywood Hills House Tour
11/5/13 06:27 PM

I transferred to Biloxi,Ms. And when I got there I looked for a place to live. I found a place in Gulfport about 15 miles from work.

It was a one bedroom in a converted house.I lived upstairs. When I looked at the apartment, the owner said the front door still needed to be put back on its hindges.. which by the way was not done for several Months after I moved there.. Then the Fridge died.. I had just bought groceries.. and when I put the meat in the freezer. It was not even cold. I called the Landlord up and told him that the fridge was not working. He said he would get someone there soon.. His soon was 2 weeks later. What the heck?? I felt unsafe when I then found out that I lived a block from the bad part of town and when the door was still off its hindges anyone could come in to steal my belongings.. Which no one did.. but still it was in my mind all the time. Every Month he would come knocking on my door for the rent.. but he would not fix anything that needed to be repaired...

I had no idea where to go to turn him in??? What do you do? I finally started looking for another place to rent. I decided to try roommating. Which was just as bad... The woman I rented a room from in Ocean Springs, MS was almost as bad.. only she would come into my room when I was at work and snoop around. Worst place I lived was in Mississippi.

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8/18/13 10:14 AM

OH.. My.. I love being by the Ocean/Water.. but to live on it would be the ultimate..

Chris and Kristen's Dreamy Houseboat House Tour
8/13/13 12:45 PM

I think that is why I love this Space.. It is lived in.. and you can see it. I love everything in this space. How he even built up and made his bedroom above.. I would love having a Space like this. Very Cozy and Lovely...

Ryan's Artist Loft in Bushwick House Tour
8/5/13 08:19 PM

@firehorsejane.. I am with you.. actually when that one picture came up.. I couldn't even see her in the picture.. She was lost with that dress and all that color around her.

I feel yes. be yourself.. but this is way over board with color.. But... I do love the Balcony...

Karen's Color Explosion House Tour
7/23/13 01:25 PM

Remember Christopher Lowell?? I loved his design show. He has the concept of 7 .. which it takes 7 things to make a house your home.

He has a blog that I follow and also on Facebook. I really do miss all of his great ideas..

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6/20/13 02:25 PM